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Today fans gush over ‘knockout’ Dylan Dreyer as she bares her legs in stunning mini-skirt & matching blazer live on air

Today fans gush over ‘knockout’ Dylan Dreyer as she bares her legs in stunning mini-skirt & matching blazer live on air

TODAY Show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer has fans gushing over her as she bares her legs in a sexy outfit on live TV.

She wore a stunning pink mini-skirt and a matching blazer, along with white heeled boots.

Twitter / TODAY / NBCDylan stunned fans as she wore a pink mini-skirt and matching blazer on air[/caption]

Twitter / TODAY / NBCShe paired the look white white, high-heeled ankle boots[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, Dylan delivered another memorable fashion look.

She reported the weather during the main show, as Al Roker remains out on vacation.

Then, on the third hour, she reported the news with her co-host Sheinelle Jones and fill-in host, Jill Martin.

Craig Melvin still remains out as well.

During the entirety of Thursday’s show, Dylan gave off a Go-go look and fans were praising her for it.

She wore a pinkish/peach mini-skirt, which came up very far above her knee.

The Today Show host paired it with a matching blazer and white, high-heeled ankle boots.

The blazer and skirt’s pockets and collar were lined with white fabric.

Dylan is known for wearing some more sexy and stunning outfits while on the air.


Today fans took to the comments of clips from the show that were posted to Twitter to pay Dylan compliments.

“Dylan is a knockout. Love the mini skirt,” wrote one fan.

“Dylan’s 60s go-go outfit is great,” said another.

A third commented: “I am loving Dylan’s outfit today.”

“Dylan has been killing it lately with her outfits,” said another.


On Wednesday, Dylan wore another glam look on live TV.

The 41-year-old meteorologist looked stunning in her fashionable ensemble as she co-hosted segments about Spring Break and sustainable, woman-owned coffee companies.

She opted for soft, glamorous makeup, which drew attention to the star’s natural beauty.

The host her hair straight and sleek in a chic bob, and accessorized with minimal jewelry and a watch.

The main attraction of Dylan’s look was her tiger print skirt, which fell just over the knee.

Paired with sky-high black pumps, Dylan’s calves looked long and toned as she sat beside her colleagues.

She paired the bold skirt with a simple scoop-neck black top, and chatted happily with her co-hosts throughout their segments.


On Tuesday’s show, Dylan showed off her incredible figure as she wore skintight leather pants and a lowcut top on air.

 Dylan, Sheinelle, and Jill, all participated in the Start Today workout challenge.

A celebrity trainer taught them how to do a quick workout in 10 minutes while an egg boils.

All of the women were dressed down from their usual business attire and were in some form of comfy workout clothes.

However, Dylan still brought her keen fashion sense to the segment.

She wore skin-tight leather pants, which she could move in easily.

The Today host also donned a lowcut, black shirt and put a blue blazer on top of it, to modify herself for TV.

Since they were doing a workout, Dylan changed out of her boots and into sneakers.

Sheinelle also wore leather leggings but changed out of her nice shirt and heels for a casual shirt and sneakers.

Jill took off her blazer and opted to keep her leggings on, as well as her skin-tight shirt.

She also swapped her heels for workout shoes.

Twitter / TODAY / NBCDylan bared her legs in the outfit and fans called her a ‘knockout’[/caption]

Twitter/@TODAYshowOn Wednesday, Dylan also bared her legs in a sexy tiger-print skirt[/caption]

NBCEarlier this week, she wore skin-tight leather pants and a lowcut top during a workout session[/caption]

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