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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg yells at Alyssa Farah Griffin for ‘trying to change topic’ in tense moment during debate

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg yells at Alyssa Farah Griffin for ‘trying to change topic’ in tense moment during debate

THE VIEW’S Whoopi Goldberg cut off Alyssa Farah Griffin during an intense conversation, stating her comments ‘had nothing to do’ with what was being discussed.

The View panelists were discussing California’s decision not to renew its $54 million contract with Walgreens over Walgreens’ decision not to dispense abortion pills.

The View’s panelists discussed California’s decision not to renew its contract with Walgreens over the chain’s decision on the abortion pillsABCAlyssa Farah Griffin interrupted the conversation to bring up another topicABC

Alyssa Farah Griffin interrupted the flow of conversation to bring up a different topic.

She began: “But just real quick, back to my friend Governor Newsom, who decided he would take a vacation while people are dying in San Bernardino.”

She couldn’t finish her sentence as Whoopi started talking, immediately cutting her off.

“That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about right now,” said a clearly annoyed Whoopi.

“No, but–” Alyssa began as Whoopi continued.

“Let’s stick to this,” the moderator said.

“You’re targeting a company for following state laws,” Alyssa began again, before Whoopi cut her off.

“No, then I didn’t say it right. There are states that have no issues.”

Alyssa continued to speak after that.

“If your doctor prescribes it to you, haven’t you discussed that?” Whoopi asked.

The pair continued to speak over each other for the duration of the conversation.

Whoopi finally cut in to say: “This is not going away. This conversation will go on and on and on, but we have to take a break. So we will,” said Whoopi before the show went to commercial break.


Meanwhile, Whoopi shook up The View by ad-libbing an entire segment on diversity during a broadcast this week.

The View saw a completely improvised talk between its hosts after Whoopi decided to follow on from a conversation they’d started during an ad break.

As soon as the crew was back on air, Whoopi began: “You know, we learned something just a few minutes ago.

That, you know, as traveled as Ana always thinks she is, sometimes she doesn’t know as much as we think she does.

“She just discovered there are Black people in Iowa!”

Ana laughed uncomfortably but brushed the comment off.

Sunny Hostin then joked: “There are at least 11 Black people in Iowa.”

Whoopi continued: “There are a lot of people of color all over the place. Listen, the first shocking thing I learned was the first time I went to Europe, and I was in Scotland. And I’d heard people speaking with Scottish accents and I’d anticipated that.

“Then two kids came to deliver something to me and they had Scottish accents, and they were Chinese kids. And I said, ‘You have an accent! How did you do that?’

“They said, ‘Well we were raised here.’ And you suddenly realize – because you don’t know – that everyone is everywhere all the time. We are everywhere, everyone,” she exclaimed, gesturing around the room.

Ana quickly clarified: “I was obviously making a joke.

“We were talking about something very serious… and you know what, the people who think they’re going to become president in this country better remember that there are brown people and Black people all over, and in states that they have to win.”

She followed by delivering an impassioned speech to audience applause: “So before they think that they are going to win by erasing AP history, and erasing Black history, and by erasing history period, remember there’s a lot of people who vote who are not aggrieved people and want true history, in places like Iowa, and Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and Michigan.

“So good luck with your Presidency.”

Whoopi summarized: “There’s Asian people everywhere, Black people everywhere, Spanish people everywhere, white people everywhere. This was the place where you knew that. You knew that because you saw everyone here in New York City.”

Seemingly realizing the time, she then ended the segment by exclaiming: “This was not the subject, but it came out really interestingly! We’ll be right back.”


Whoopi has faced criticism from fans recently for appearing “rude,” “bored,” or interrupting her co-hosts while on air.

At the beginning of the month, fans took to Twitter to comment on Whoopi’s behavior during a talk about China and Covid-19.

“What is the point of having a round table discussion if Whoopi is going to scream at everyone in the middle of their sentence,” tweeted one fan.

Another wrote: “I don’t think Whoopi likes Sunny.”

A third comment read: “Why does Whoopi keep interrupting everyone on The View?”

One particularly angered viewer stated: “It’s time for Whoopi to give up that chair.”

This week, the star was also slammed for her perceived attitude when talking to audience members about their personal issues.

In the segment, Whoopi handed over to the panel for advice and appeared bored as she listened, sitting with her chin resting on her hand.

Her behavior didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home, with one tweeting at the time: “She’s coming off rude.”

Another agreed, adding: “I know… like what?”

A third posted: “Of course Whoopi has that look!”

Whoopi continued to cut Alyssa off each time she came back with a new responseABCAlyssa came back to support her cause several times, but the pair had to agree to disagreeABCIn the end, Whoopi took the show to commercialABC

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