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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham almost spills out of dangerously plunging top as she poses with daughter Sophia, 14, in new pics

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham almost spills out of dangerously plunging top as she poses with daughter Sophia, 14, in new pics

FARRAH Abraham has posted to social media, showing off her body while speaking to her fans and spending time with her daughter.

The Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram Stories to share a message in a video, and later snapped a pic with Sophia.

Instagram/farrahabrahamFarrah Abraham posted social media content of herself wearing a scooping camisole yesterday[/caption]

Instagram/farrahabrahamThe star also snapped a pic of herself and daughter Sophia with Starbucks drinks, while she kept her sweater unzipped[/caption]

In the video, Farrah sat on her bed and addressed the camera.

Her bedroom could be seen, with black feathers on one side and Versace-inspired wall art behind her.

Farrah wore a very low-cut gray cami, which showed off the star’s chest.

She kept her long black hair down in waves, and accessorized with a pendant necklace and terracotta nail polish.

The 31-year-old said: “If you haven’t told someone “Happy Women’s International Day,” I would be shocked.

“It is Women’s International Day, and I just wanted to pay tribute to new lights that are shining in my life, from just getting all the goodness of being a mentor to other women – whether it’s for soul work or their career work – I have been loving it. Loads of love to that!”

She continued: “I’m excited to not even be hustling and busy, you know, that toxic masculinity that’s in our society with anyone.

“So, striving for just abundance, peace, and clarity and goodness, that is what I’m all about this month of women’s history and all the goodness.

“So comparing all the women, young, and up-and-coming, next generations, I can not wait. And I’m so happy and grateful to be a part of it. So much love, happy March, ladies, and gentlemen!”

In a pic posted an hour later, she captured a selfie with her 14-year-old daughter.

The two sat in the front of a car and held pink and green Starbucks drinks to the camera.

Sophia flashed a peace sign and was covered up in a hoodie, while her controversial new piercings were on display.

Farrah used a headband to push her hair out of her face, and added an open zip-up sweater to cover her shoulders.


Farrah has recently come under fire for her parenting of Sophia.

This week, Farrah went live on Insta to encourage her top gifters to continue sending money and gifts and gave shoutouts to those who did.

For the most part, Sophia did not say anything while Farrah continued to call out names of followers who pledged gifts.

“Sophia is 14 ya’ll! She just had her birthday. And I guess I think we’re going to be going soon because I have a date and the haters need to talk to themselves,” Farrah exclaimed as Sophia stared into the camera behind her.

Farrah critics on a Teen Mom Reddit page noted how uncomfortable the teen looked, with one writing: “Sophia is a prop to her. She merely exists in the background. Poor kid.”

Another hypothesized: “You just know she bribes Sofia with something so she’ll do these lives with her. She looks so bored in the background there waiting for it to be over so she can go back to her room.”

Sophia herself called out her mom in a vid taken on her 14th birthday party.

In the Instagram Story, the mother-of-one pointed the camera at Sophia and said: “Show people a closeup.”

The birthday girl posed and played with her curly hair as she asked: “Why do you have the filter on?”

Fans praised Sophia’s comment, with one saying: “Hahaha. Farrah made a whole post about how she never uses filters.”

Another wrote: “Calling out Farrah on using a filter. Maybe Gen Z can help us kill filters.”

TikTokFarrah was recently criticized after she ‘gifted’ Sophia with multiple piercings for her 14th birthday[/caption]

Instagram/@farrahabrahamSophia herself called out her mom for using dramatic face filters as she filmed the birthday celebrations[/caption]

TikTokFans slammed the Teen Mom alum after they thought she used her daughter as a ‘prop’ in an Instagram live asking for monetary gifts[/caption]

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