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Sister Wives fans divided over whether family should end show after numerous divorces and wild fights on screen

Sister Wives fans divided over whether family should end show after numerous divorces and wild fights on screen

FANS have become unsure if Sister Wives can last another season.

TLCFans claimed Kody Brown is ‘doing the show for the money’[/caption]

Refer to CaptionKody pictured with his wife Robyn Brown and his three other exes[/caption]

Fans theorized Kody‘s splits from his ex-wives might hurt the show unless the famous family got “back on track.”

In an online thread, viewers debated about the future of the TLC show. 


One fan speculated: “The Brown family has fallen apart before our eyes.

“I think they are only doing the show for the money.”

Another fan agreed and added: “I honestly think they all just liked the money too much to give up the show.”

One fan argued: “Maybe. They are aware the show will not last forever, and I can understand the allure of wanting to ride the wave to its natural conclusion.”

A fourth person suggested: “Doubt Kody and his exes will ever tell TLC they are done.

“TLC wants more drama. TLC won’t do anything until the show gets boring. TLC will have to pull the plug and tell them no negotiation.”

A commentator chimed in: “America loves to watch train wrecks. After the wreckage gets cleaned up, that is when the ratings will drop, and no one starts to care about Sister Wives.

“That’s when TLC will get involved.”


Fans also believed Kody is on the hunt for a new wife to add to the roster.

In February, The TV star and his only remaining wife, Robyn, were spotted with a mystery woman in Las Vegas.

After the couple was seen hanging out at Caesar’s Palace, they were spotted with a blonde woman as they were walking around a shopping center.


In November 2021, Christine, 50, announced she was leaving Kody after 25 years together.

About a year later, the TLC star revealed her newfound relationship with construction executive David Woolley.

Christine has called her new boyfriend, David, the “love of her life.”

Meanwhile, Janelle, 53, had an emotionally charged scene with her former partner last year.

Before their split, Kody’s ex-wife said: “I’m ready to be settled in my own house.”

Kody fired back: “You’re not thinking like an entrepreneur.”

She ranted: “Dude, you have a house! You go home, and you live in a house with Robyn.”

Janelle screamed at her ex-husband: “I want my own house!”

Janelle and Kody called it quits in December 2022 after 30 years together.

The reality star has been focused on her diet and exercise regimen, losing nearly 100 pounds in the last several years.

The Brown patriarch split from his first wife, Meri, leaving only his youngest spouse, Robyn, who has been dubbed his “favorite.”

Instagram/david__woolleyChristine Brown posed with her boyfriend David Woolley for a sweet photo[/caption]

TLCJanelle Brown screamed at her ex-husband Kody on Sister Wives[/caption]

FacebookKoby and Robyn were spotted in Vegas together[/caption]

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