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Olivia Hawkins hints Love Island scene was ‘fake’ and organised by producers

Olivia Hawkins hints Love Island scene was ‘fake’ and organised by producers

LOVE Island star Olivia Hawkins has opened up on one particular scene, while hinting it was ‘fake.’

In an interview with boyfriend Maxwell Samuda, the 27-year-old brunette beauty recalled a recent scene that saw the villa girls making Lana breakfast.

Olivia Hawkins has hinted that a certain scene was fakedRexErotemeLana was in tears after feeling like none of the girls had supported her[/caption]

The girls made Lana the surprise breakfast after she spent the morning crying and her so-called pals were quick to rally round and open packets of muffins.

But viewers thought the whole thing felt ‘fake’ and Olivia was quick to agree.

She explained: “I felt like no one had her back and it was really hard to watch that episode wasn’t it.”

The host of Heat World continued to say: “It was nice that the girls came together the next day though.”

But Olivia said: “That might’ve been pushed a little bit,” and Maxwell backed up her theory.

He playfully said: “There were some muffins on the plate that I never saw when we were in there.

“So I’m thinking where did all those muffins come from.”

The 25-year-old make-up artist was upset after her boyfriend Ron Hall fell out with his friend Casey O’GormanRosie Seabrook and Samie Elishi.

Ron soon felt like the entire villa had turned on him as they accused him of game playing with Lana to win the show.

The bad atmosphere left Lana feeling gutted as she struggled to work out why everyone was hating on her man.

But after bursting into tears several times, she was then ‘surprised’ with a breakfast to ‘cheer her up’.

Slamming the gesture, one fan said: “Not my heart though these girls are fake!! Poor Lana.”

Another posted: “This is so forced and fake it’s unbelievable.”

“Not at all staged by the producers,” a third echoed.

ErotemeLana’s best pals in the villa decided to make her a surprise breakfast – but viewers weren’t convinced[/caption]

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