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Little People’s Tori Roloff claps back at trolls in new video after backlash for parenting decisions and ‘messy’ home

Little People’s Tori Roloff claps back at trolls in new video after backlash for parenting decisions and ‘messy’ home

TORI Roloff has had to defend herself after backlash for her messy home and messier parenting.

The Little People, Big World star shared a pointed message to her haters.

Tori Roloff/InstagramTori Roloff pushed back at critics of her lifestyle[/caption]

Tori Roloff/InstagramThe reality star said there are two things she is good at making[/caption]

Wearing a simple gray jacket and appearing to sit on her couch, Tori stared directly into the camera.

The 31-year-old then lip synced over a recording revealing exactly how she felt about her critics.

“Let it be known that there are two things I am really good at making,” the message announced. “And that is pretty babies and people mad.”

The TLC star has certainly angered fans, having been repeatedly criticized by fans over her “messy” house.

The TLC star frequently gives fans glimpses inside her home on social media and on the show.

While fans appreciate it, critics have used it as ammo to attack her online.

She has been slammed for her “messy” home time and time again, but largely seems to ignore the backlash.


Back in December 2022, fans blasted Tori and her husband Zach Roloff over the house.

During an episode of the show, fans spotted trash on the floor in their new kitchen and toys spread throughout another room.

On the show, Tory was busy putting together a baby toy, calling to her husband for help.

Taking note of a pile of trash on the floor, she joked that their dog, Murphy, had left something for Zach.

The LPBW star’s husband Zach shuffled over to the pile, which included a discarded paper cup and other scraps, to throw it in the trash.

As he took care of that mess, fans got a glimpse at another.

The camera panned to what appeared to be a playroom where their baby son Josiah was laying.

He was surrounded by toys scattered all over the room.

Near the boy, there was a small unmade bed, a toy chest overflowing with items, a bookcase in complete disarray, and other toys strewn about.


Fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts, with many opting to shame the couple.

One understanding fan tweeted: “Zach and Tori’s house is very messy!! They are clearly sleep-deprived!”

Another more critical viewer wrote: “Zack and Tori are slobs. See that kitchen? Run a farm?”

A third fan tweeted: “Oooooeee, the little kids room. I know you have 3 kids but there are choking hazards everywhere. That’s terrible.”

Another viewer critiqued: “Zach and Tori can’t even take care of their kids and house. How were they going to take care of a whole farm? lol.”

Someone else suggested: “Tori needs to start purging some clothes.”


Prior to that episode, in June 2022, Tori again came under scrutiny for her messy home.

Shortly after the couple moved to their Battle Ground, Washington pad, critics slammed them for leaving it a mess.

The drama again kicked off with an episode of LPBW.

During the show, Zach’s mom, Amy, and her husband, Chris Marek, decided to take a drive to the house to see it and the grandkids.

When they pulled up, there were bulldozers outside with piles of dirt, unfinished property outside, trees scattered around, and “no curb appeal,” according to Chris. 

Zach said they had been in the house a little under two weeks and they were still unpacking and moving things around.

They took Amy and Chris on a tour of the house, starting with their daughter 2-year-old daughter Lilah’s room. 

Her room was a mess, with toys strewn across the floor, and items placed on top of her changing table. 

The next room they went into was the master, Zach and Tori’s room.

The bed was not made and clothes and various items were piled on top of it.

There was also a pile of clothes on the floor. 


After watching the episode, fans ran to Reddit to bash the family’s new home. 

“Zach and Tori’s new home- yikes!” the original poster captioned the thread. 

They went on to say: “They have never made great home-buying decisions but this new one seems to be their worst. The inside is beautiful and the idea of having ‘land’ is great, but that area looks like a total dive.

“Tori knew the inside would make for good Insta photos and Zach could pretend to do things out back, but the surrounding homes and lots are dumps!”

They added that Chris and Amy’s reactions showed that the property was “garbage.” 

Tori has been accused of being messyShe accidentally gave a sneak peek at her bedroomTLCFans have seen garbage on the floor in her home and more[/caption]

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