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Kim Kardashian ripped for her ‘excessive’ fruit and vegetable garden as she gives tour of huge backyard at $60M mansion

Kim Kardashian ripped for her ‘excessive’ fruit and vegetable garden as she gives tour of huge backyard at $60M mansion

CRITICS have slammed Kim Kardashian after she gave her followers a tour of her garden on social media.

Kim, 42, took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday and uploaded several photos and videos of her huge backyard at her $60 million mansion.

InstagramCritics have slammed Kim Kardashian after she gave her followers a tour of her garden on social media[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianKim took to her Instagram Stories and uploaded several photos and videos of her huge backyard at her $60 million mansion[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianThe mom-of-four revealed that her gardeners are growing fresh fruit including apples[/caption]

The first image was a long shot of Kim’s various flower beds and vegetable patches in her impressive garden.

She then decided to give her 347 million followers a closer look at some of the goods that are growing in her huge space.

First up were artichokes and hass avocados as well as apples and apricots.

Kim captioned the photo of her apricot tree: “How Armenian of me to grow apricots,” followed by the Armenian flag emoji.

She added: “And even more Armenian of me to grow pomegranates,” alongside another photo of a tree stump.

One tree that is absolutely blooming in Kim’s garden is the orange tree and she captioned the photo: “I love my garden.”

The mom-of-four also shared snaps of the flowers growing in her backyard and revealed: “This fresh jasmine that smells so good!”

In a video shared on her Instagram Story, Kim walked among the trees and plants and narrated the clip: “An afternoon walk in the garden, we’re gonna start picking some fruits.

“There are so many amazing ones,” she added as she zoomed in on some of her trees.

She also shared a picture of some “freshly cut’ vegetables including broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage.

However, not everyone was overly impressed with Kim’s posts and when the images were shared on Reddit, people had a lot to say.

“Wow such a nice garden! Feels excessive but hey what isn’t when it comes to the kardashians. Did she end up actually paying her service staff? Wasn’t there a lawsuit for the landscapers or something?” one wrote.

Another person said: “I doubt she is but it would be really cool if she was donating what she doesn’t use. There is far more than would feed her entire family there. Remember their episode going to Skid Row and wanting to know if they could help? Ugh.”

A third person accused: “Well, I’m sure she didnt build it, plant it or takes care of it,” to which someone else replied: “Yeah, most likely not lol.”

Another Reddit user commented: “I’m so envious. She’s got this amazing space to garden and she doesn’t even have to buy fruits and veggies because they’re literally growing on trees. She doesn’t even have to tend to her own garden.

“I hope that if she has any excess she is sharing with it with someone who uses it,” they added.

Someone else asked sarcastically: “Does it really count though if someone else plants it and tends to it and picks it for you?”

Another person claimed: “Yeahhh… I do garden and grew up farming and not even mine looks like this. She is NOT growing this herself. She doesn’t have the time with all the exercise she’s obviously doing and raising kids and running a business.”

Others were delighted with Kim’s garden content and were keen for more.

“Ok now this is the type of content I would love to see from them!” one person admitted.

Another wrote: “I like this type of content,” while a third added: “right like out of all the things miss kimmy posts this is the dream for me.”


Last year Kim was slammed for her “watering practices” after fans got a glimpse inside the epic garden back in November 2022.

Kim let her sister Kourtney Kardashian‘s lifestyle brand Poosh take a sneak peek at her outdoor space which has been described as a “zen and fairy-like meadow”.

According to the article, which featured plenty of photos of Kim’s sprawling garden, the TV star “wanted the most local, organic herbs and produce she could find for her own farm-to-table experience.”

It also explained how Kim’s outdoor space was “designed to be climate-conscious and bursting with life for her and her family”.

The Kardashians star is also said to donate any excess top-tier organic produce to food banks.

Kim enlisted the help of Heart Beet Gardening to transform her space into a citrus orchard at the top of her backyard hill.

However, when one fan gushed about Kim’s garden and shared a photo of it on Reddit, others slammed the TV star for her use of water.

“So this is why she uses 9 years worth of water in only ONE month,” one person claimed.

Another commented: “The city of LA needs to sanction her for this. It’s pretty but wasteful.”

And a third person simply said: “That is actually insane Wtf.”

As other people appeared to be in awe of Kim’s “pretty” garden, someone else reminded them: “Until you learn abt their watering practices (sic).”

Instagram/kimkardashianThe SKIMS founder admitted ‘I love my garden’ as she shared some snaps of her trees[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianKim’s huge outdoor space is full of trees, plants and fresh produce[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianThe reality TV star also shared a snap of some ‘freshly cut’ vegetables[/caption]

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