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GMA’s Sam Champion walks away from Robin Roberts after host drops surprising comment about meteorologist on live TV

GMA’s Sam Champion walks away from Robin Roberts after host drops surprising comment about meteorologist on live TV

GMA’s Sam Champion has walked off-screen after Robin Roberts complimented his physique on air.

During a recent weather segment on GMA, Robin threw the show to Sam to discuss what was happening throughout the country.

Robin Roberts opened a weather segment on GMA by chatting with meteorologist Sam ChampionABCAs soon as she opened her segment, Robin made a comment that had Sam laughing as he walked off-screen.ABC

Robin’s first words had much more of an effect on Sam than she had imagined.

“Share with us your workout plan, Sam, because it is working for you.”

Sam couldn’t hold his laughter in after Robin’s comment.

He walked off-screen, cackling, much to viewers’ dismay.

“What?” Robin asked as she stared at the screen, grinning.

After a moment, Sam walked back into view, continuing to laugh.

He said: “That’s what friends are for. That’s what friends are for right there. Have a friend who’ll tell you ‘yes, you’re looking better’.”

“I said you’re looking good, not better. If someone says you’re lookiing better, I don’t know about ‘friend’,” Robin said as she almost burst into laughter as well.


Meanwhile, an imposter posing as Good Morning America host Sam Champion had their account removed after fans began noticing several red flags.

Fans of the beloved weather anchor noticed a strange Twitter account using Sam’s name and photo.

The now-deleted account used the same photos Sam had as his profile and header pictures.

His official Facebook was also linked on the imposter’s account, which was supposedly created in July 2022.

Aside from the obvious lack of a verified blue checkmark, the imposter account also had no followers and had a username full of random numbers – a classic sign of a bot.

Sam’s actual Twitter account has more than 521,000 followers as of writing.

“Hey @SamChampion I see you have an admirer,” wrote a fan who noticed the fake account. “I’ve reported this account. Hopefully, others will do the same.”

The fan revealed that hours later, the account was officially suspended and deleted.

“Poof! Imposter was taken down.”

Since purchasing TwitterElon Musk has vowed to crack down on bots and other fake accounts, causing many accounts to be suspended as they undergo a review.


While lounging shirtless on a beach, Sam announced that he and his husband have moved.

In an Instagram Live video Sunday morning that he recorded from a beach in Miami, Sam revealed that he and Rubem Robierb moved to a new neighborhood after 15 years.

The journalist even explained that the sand on the side of the beach they now live on is better maintained than the couple’s “old end of the beach.”

He said that the sand on the beach in his new area is kept in “good shape,” before changing the view of his video from him shirtless to the sand on the beach being raked.

Sam added: “It looks good right?”

“I’m a little further up the beach than where we’ve lived for a very long time,” he told his fans.

He went on to say: “While we were in Rio, we moved.”

The ABC reporter of 25 years said that he and Rubem “are going to be looking for a new spot” but are going to live where they are now temporarily.

“I could never live here if I didn’t live on the beach,” he said.

“It wouldn’t be worth it to me.”

Robin complimented Sam on his fitness regimen, remarking that it had been working for himInstagramSam couldn’t stop laughing after Robin’s remark and thanked her for the complimentInstagramThe pair continued laughing together before finishing up the weather reportGetty Images

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