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Family Feud fans left ‘dying’ over contestant’s mistake in raunchy category

Family Feud fans left ‘dying’ over contestant’s mistake in raunchy category

FAMILY Feud fans have been left in tears over Steve Harvey’s reaction to a contestant’s mistake.

She pronounced a word differently and left the host confused.

Family FeudSteve Harvey was left confused after a contestant made a mistake during a raunchy category[/caption]

Family FeudHe didn’t know what ‘liqueur’ meant, but she clarified and said ‘liquor’[/caption]

In a resurfaced clip that was posted to the show’s Instagram page, Steve asked a raunchy question.

“Name a sexy food you put on your mate’s body when you’re fooling around,” he chuckled.

The women smiled, leaned into the microphone and then said: “I would have to say a liqueur.”

Steve was left stunned as he asked: “A liqueur?”

“Yeah, like a liquor,” she clarified.

“Oh, liquor,” he nodded and then shrugged as the audience laughed.

“Excuse me. The black guy’s not French. I’m sorry,” the host said, putting his hand up to his chest.

It turned out that her answer was not on the board anyway, despite getting a reaction out of Steve.

Liqueurs typically have less alcohol and more sugar in them than liquors.


Family Feud fans cracked up in the comments.

“Had me dying,” wrote one follower.

Many others just commented with laughing emojis.

“Woahh,” said another.

“I’m cracking up,” commented a third.

Another said: “I can’t. Lol.”

“Steve had no idea,” wrote one fan with a bunch of laughing emojis.


This is not the first time, Feud fans cracked up over someone’s answer.

Steve was left visibly dismayed by a grandmother’s NSFW Family Feud answer.

Pat’s adult children celebrated the raunchy guess and even more hilariously, it wound up on the board.

Steve, 66, read the Family Feud prompt: “What’s something that shrinks??”

The confident Pat, whose turn it was for her family, guessed what it seemed like her whole team was thinking but no one had said.

“Body parts in cold pools,” she announced with a smile.

“That’s my mama! her daughter exclaimed as did her son, hugging her and loving the guess.

The camera cut to Steve who stared away in an ice cold mental state.

However, when the show cut to the board, indeed, “Guy’s ‘dinghy’” appeared as the fourth most popular answer.

The in-studio audience went absolutely wild and Pat celebrated even more than before.

Family Feud shared the clip to Instagram and captioned it: “Ice-cold answer gives #SteveHarvey chills!”

Fans loved how the of-a-certain-age Pat wasn’t afraid to go there and put the NSFW correct answer as “diplomatically” as possible.

“The most PG way to give that answer,” one user commented.

“That was the most diplomatic answer,” wrote another.

“Grandma knows wassup,” wrote a third.

“Someone saw Seinfeld last night,” joked a fourth not shrinking at the opportunity for a syndicated sitcom reference.

“I’m sure grandma has seen a lot” wrote a fifth with cry-laugh emojis.

Family FeudSteve told the woman that he ‘wasn’t French’[/caption]

Family FeudHer answer was not on the board[/caption]

Family FeudFamily Feud fans have been left in tears in the past, due to contestants’ hilarious answers[/caption]

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