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Duggar fans spot Jana breaking strict family rule in the background of sister-in-law Hannah’s new video

Duggar fans spot Jana breaking strict family rule in the background of sister-in-law Hannah’s new video

JANA Duggar has been spotted breaking a strict family rule in the background of her sister-in-law Hannah’s new video.

Jeremiah Duggar‘s wife Hannah, 27, shared the video of family and friends enjoying tacos on her Instagram Stories Tuesday.

TLCJana Duggar was spotted breaking a strict family rule in the background of her sister-in-law Hannah’s new video[/caption]

Instagram/hannah.duggarHannah shared a video of the Duggar family enjoying ‘Taco Tuesday’[/caption]

Captioned “Taco Tuesday,” the video captured various members of the famous reality TV family as the camera pans around an outdoor eating area.

James, 21, can be seen standing by a picnic table while Jill, 31, is shown kneeling in front of a baby stroller.

Jana, 33, is caught mid-bite as she crouches by the taco stand and chows down on her dinner as one of the Duggar children plays by her feet.

The Counting On alum is shown wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and, surprisingly, black denim jeans,

According to Jana’s father Jim Bob Duggar, 57, his daughters aren’t allowed to wear pants or revealing clothes, and must also remain abstinent.

Jana was again caught breaking the family’s dress code when she sported a pair of skintight jeans while vacationing in Italy.

The TV personality shocked fans by wearing pants while on vacation with her brother James in Rome.

In her brother’s YouTube vlog, Jana wore a simple black jacket with a brown leather backpack, along with blue skinny jeans and white sneakers.

In another moment, Jana was seen wearing tight black pants while in her hotel room.

Fans were surprised to see the seclusive 33-year-old taking part in her brother’s travels.

Jana is rarely spotted in public or at family events, and her parents Jim Bob and Michelle have discouraged their children from visiting metropolitan areas.

Some 19 Kids and Counting fans have even suggested that Jana should elongate her foreign stay.

One fan commented: “If I were Jana I would not get on the plane home.”

Another sarcastically posted: “Well, I didn’t have Jana overstaying the visa waiver program on my bingo card for this year, but sure, why not? Could be exciting!”

A third added: “I will fully support a Go Fund Me to keep Jana in Italy!”

Others speculated that Jana might have a potential love interest with her in Rome.

Jana was spotted sitting next to a non-family member in a group pic at a restaurant, and eagle-eyed watchers also believe he was standing next to her in a moment from the vlog.

Jana is currently unmarried but has expressed her desire for that to change.

In July 2020, she told Us Weekly that she does “long to be married” and felt “more pressure” since her other adult siblings have started their families.

She added: “One day I think that will come, but I think … I’m just also just trying to stay busy with whatever comes along my path.”


This isn’t the first time the eldest Duggar daughter has flouted her family’s rules.

Jim Bob’s guidelines go so far as to ban front-facing hugs, social media accounts, unchaperoned dates, and public schooling.

However, many of the women are branching out, with Jana surprising many by wearing jeans in 2021.

Her younger sister, Jinger, has gone even further by adding shorts and miniskirts to her collection, while even mom Michelle was spotted wearing pants.

Jinger, 29, also made waves with her new book, Becoming Free Indeed – Disentangling Faith from Fear.

The tell-all memoir slams her upbringing and reveals all about life in the “cult-like” church.


Jana and James had fans scratching their heads over the interesting way they ate their dinner during their Italian getaway.

One of their travel pals, Laura, shared a video of the group on Instagram, indulging in individual pizza pies while dining at a restaurant.

The gang looked very focused on their cheesy meals keeping their heads down at their plates.

Laura captioned the post: “When in Italy…  #foodies.”

However, many fans couldn’t get over how the gang consumed their pizza slices and let them know in the comments.

“Please do not eat pizza with a knife and fork,” one person wrote, pointing out that nearly everyone was using utensils in the clip.

“Eating pizza like a pro,” another mocked, adding a knife and fork emoji.

“You don’t eat pizza with a knife and fork,” a third demanded, while others called the action “disgusting.”

Instagram/duggarfamJana broke Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s dress code rules by wearing pants to the dinner[/caption]

Instagram / Jana DuggarJana was also seen breaking her family’s strict rules while in Italy with her younger brother James[/caption]

Instagram/@janamduggarFans recently suggested that Jana should have elongated her stay in Italy to separate herself from her parents[/caption]

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