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Duggar fans mock Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo for ‘cringe’ detail in background of star’s interview

Duggar fans mock Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo for ‘cringe’ detail in background of star’s interview

JINGER Duggar has given an in-depth interview about her new tell-all book, but fans were unable to tear their eyes from a decoration in her house.

The Counting On star, 29, spoke to Fox 5 for a remote discussion, and was quickly slammed for keeping a single sneaker in a display case in the room.

Instagram/@jeremy_vuoloJinger Duggar spoke about her new book on Fox 5, but her fans found it hard to focus on her words[/caption]

Fox 5 WashingtonThe star was slammed for having sneakers as a ‘life aesthetic’ after fans noticed the framed shoe in the back of the room[/caption]

One fan reposted a photo of the mother-of-two‘s interview to Reddit with the caption: “Does Books read Christopher Hitchens? I can see the spine of his book, “Hitch-22″, on the shelf in this CBN interview.”

In the room behind Jinger in her home shared with Jeremy Vuolo, 35, a massive wraparound floor-to-ceiling bookshelf could be seen, which boasted a variety of different volumes.

The the right a sculpture stood, and to the left was a large plant.

Replies to the original forum post, however, focused on one thing.

“I’m sorry I can’t help but notice the framed shoes,” commented one person, with an added woozy face emoji.

Another agreed: “Glad I’m not the only one. That is the only thing I can look at.”

A third commenter exclaimed: “Framed. Shoes. FRAMED SHOES. Sneakers as life aesthetic. FRAMED SHOES!!!!” with a vomit emoji.

“That is so cringe,” summarized a final comment.

Jinger’s interview was based on her new book, Becoming Free Indeed – My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear.

There are hints that its publication has driven a wedge between herself and her family.

The tell-all memoir slams her upbringing and reveals all about life in the “cult-like” church.

Jinger revealed during a Fox News interview that the book has received an “interesting” reaction from her siblings and parents.

“We’ve had lots of conversations about our differences,” she said.

“Some received it better than others for sure, but at the end of the day, I know they just want what’s best for me. Even though my parents are still in IBLP.”


Jinger and Jeremy recently went to New York for a live book promotion on Tamron Hall‘s talk show.

For her appearance, the sixth child of Jim Bob and Michelle wore tight black pants, with a belt cinched tightly at her waist.

Completing the look, she added a cropped sweater top, which revealed a glimpse of her toned stomach.

Jinger’s outfit went directly against the strict dress code she was brought up with.

According to Jim Bob, his daughters can’t wear pants or revealing clothes.

His guidelines went so far as to ban front-facing hugs, social media accounts, unchaperoned dates, and public schooling.

Even trips to cities went against the parents’ conditions, making Jinger’s time in New York controversial in itself.

However, this isn’t the first time Jinger has flouted her upbringing’s strict rules.

At the beginning of this year, she posted a video of herself in tiny shorts, and has also been spotted in miniskirts and tight jeans.

YouTubeJinger has been busy promoting her novel, which gives an insight into life growing up in the IBLP and under her parents’ strict rules[/caption]

Instagram/duggarfamJim Bob and Michelle Duggar remained in the IBLP, while many of their children have sought a different life[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/jingervuoloJinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo share two children: Felicity Nicole, four; and Evangeline Jo, two[/caption]

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