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Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery?

Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery?

WITH her platinum blonde hair and dazzling good looks, Marilyn Monroe was the epitome of th golden age of Hollywood.

However there has long been speculation that about whether or no the star – who died aged 36 – had cosmetic surgery during her short life.

GettyMarilyn Monroe shows off her curvaceous figure and blonde curls at the premiere of director Walter Lang’s film There’s No Business Like Show Business[/caption]

Did Marilyn Monroe have plastic surgery?

X-rays revealed in 2013 that Marilyn Monroe did in fact have some plastic surgery.

Notes made by her physician state that the movie star had work done to her nose and chin.

There were many reports early in her career that she refined the tip of her nose to make it appear smaller.

In 1950 it is also documented that she went to a Hollywood plastic surgeon for a chin augmentation, after being called a “chinless wonder” by a casting director, according to 1940s and 50s Hollywood rumours.

Implant technology was not as advanced by today’s standard, and Marilyn’s was made of carved bovine cartilage, which by 1958 had dissolved.

Nothing has ever been confirmed, but there is speculation that the actress and singer had a breast augmentation after she received treatment for an infection in her breasts, likely caused by liquid silicone injections.

At the time of her tragic death, aged only 36 years, it was reported she had false teeth.

What was Marilyn Monroe’s dress size?

Marilyn’s true dress size is widely a topic of debate, with some claiming she was a size 6-8 and others saying size 16.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection has documentation of the iconic Hollywood icon’s figure at several points throughout her life.

When she signed her first modelling contract in 1945, she weighed 120lbs and was a size 12.

Nearly ten years later, she is recorded being 118lbs and in the LA Coroner Medical Report she is 117lbs.

There was a period in the late 1950s when Monroe was rumoured to be close to 140lbs and displayed noticeable weight gain but this is likely due to her pregnancy, captured by photographer Phil Stern on the set of Some Like It Hot.

The Hollywood star’s frame fit the ‘”hourglass” shape, with documents revealing her waist and hips were a size x-small or small while her chest was medium.

Some clothing left behind speaks for itself, a personal belt from 1951 measures 27 inches and a tailored skirt from 1953 is the same.

Even in 1959, when she was reportedly at her heaviest, a personal cocktail dress that she wore to an event for her husband Arthur Miller, reveals a 28.5 inch waist.

The label inside a blouse from 1962 reads size 14.

Monroe is quoted in Movieland Magazine in 1952, she said: “I don’t want to be bone thin, and I make it a point to stay the way I want to be.”

In LIFE Magazine, a decade later, she said: “The working men, I’ll go by and they’ll whistle. At first they whistle because they think, oh, it’s a girl. She’s got blonde hair and she’s not out of shape, and then they say, ‘Gosh it’s Marilyn Monroe!’ And that has it’s you know, those times it’s nice.”

Was Marilyn Monroe naturally blonde?

Before she became Marilyn Monroe, she was Norma Jeane Baker and her natural hair colour was brown with auburn hues.

However, it is reported she wished to imitate blonde actress Jean Harlow and she was pushed by modelling agents to bleach her hair.

One of her hairstylists, Gladys Rasmussen said they dyed her hair with “my own secret blend of Sparkling Silver bleach plus 20 volume peroxide and a secret formula of silver platinum rinse to take the yellow out”.

When trying to identify her father, scientists claimed that it was difficult to extract DNA from her hair because it had been bleached so much.

Monroe was known for receiving hairline electrolysis to change her widow’s peak and alter the shape of her face.

The process removes hairs and today it prevents hair growth by targeting the follicle with heat or chemical energy, and then the hair is removed with tweezers.

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