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1000-lb Sisters fans praise Tammy & Amy Slaton for being ‘real’ on show as stars tackle weight issues and relationships

1000-lb Sisters fans praise Tammy & Amy Slaton for being ‘real’ on show as stars tackle weight issues and relationships

TAMMY and Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters have been showered in praise by fans who are thrilled to see a ‘real’ representation of weight loss and love.

On a popular 1000-lb Sisters forum, a user created a post titled “Slatons > Kardashians.”

TIKTOK/tammyslaton2020Fans of Tammy Slaton and her sister Amy are thrilled to see a relatable story being told on reality television[/caption]

Instagram/amyslaton_haltermanOne user made a post on Reddit praising Amy and her sister for working to improve their lives[/caption]

The user said they weren’t trying to compare the two, but “shows like 1000-lb Sisters are a breath of fresh air compared to a show featuring unrelatable rich people.”

They went on to explain that reality shows about the rich were fun when they didn’t have bills to pay, but now they don’t want to indulge in the “fantasy” of living like the Kardashians one day.

They go on to write: “Now as a thirty-something, I know what it’s like to have to juggle bad mental health on top of barely making ends meet and having to deny yourself almost any kind of treat.

“I’m better off now but I’ve been through that struggle. It makes watching Kim spend 20k in a single shopping spree hit differently.”

They conclude the post with: “I’m not a saint, and I’ve definitely watched this show and others for a laugh before.

“But watching two people at the bottom better themselves on multiple fronts is so much more satisfying and admirable.”


Once the post was live on the forum, fans of the TLC show shared their own feelings about the Slaton sisters and why their stories touch so many hearts.

One wrote: “I have never given the Kardashians a moment of my time. So vapid, so fake, and offers nothing intellectually. On the other hand, the relatable struggles and candidness of the Slatons is refreshing.”

Another said: “All I know is shows like 1000-lb Sisters or Sister Wives are interesting to me on a personal level to follow their stories, whereas I would more watch something like Kardashians for visual aesthetics and whatnot.”

A third chimed in: “Agreed! Especially growing up extremely poor like I did, it’s just jarring and honestly kind of gross to watch the Kardashians or any of those shows that are just like ‘we have more money than you, haha.’”

Someone else commented: “Agreed 100%. I personally have never had an interest in watching reality shows about rich/famous/beautiful people. Dating shows where literally every person is super gorgeous? Snooze.”


The entire cast of the reality show, including Amy and Tammy, are fighting with their producers in order to get higher salaries.

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal that, as it stands, Tammy only receives $2,000-$3,000 an episode.

Her other siblings make even less. Tammy’s half-sister and fan favorite Amanda Halterman makes about $700 a month for her appearances.

Amy technically makes the most money from the show because her sons Gage and Glenn have contracts, but a source close to the Slatons said their money is going towards the boy’s college tuition.

The insider also confirmed Tammy spent all of her earnings from the show paying for her 14 months at the weight loss facility without any financial support from the producers.

Tammy, Amy, Amanda, and their half-brother Chris all believe they could make more money at a different network.

Everyone in season four Part A, including Tammy’s new husband Caleb Willingham, has signed contracts to film Part B and can’t accept any other commercial opportunities in the meantime.

InstagramA ton of other fans agreed with the original creator of the thread saying they enjoy the Slatons more than the Kardashians[/caption]

TLCAfter season four, the future of the reality show is unclear because the cast feels like they’re underpaid[/caption]

TLCThe entire cast, including Tammy’s husband Caleb, is locked in to film the second part of season four[/caption]

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