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Who is the youngest person to win an Academy Award?

Who is the youngest person to win an Academy Award?

THE ACADEMY Awards were first held at the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on May 16, 1929.

Since then, there have been countless awards presented to several high-profile celebrities in the film industry, but only one is the youngest person to win.

AFPThe Academy Awards are given to those who show artistic and technical merit in the film industry[/caption]

Who is the youngest person to win an Academy Award?

The 1974 Oscars highlighted some of the biggest films of all time, including The Exorcists, The Paper Chase, Paper Moon, and The Sting.

It also saw John Houseman (The Paper Chase) and Glenda Jackson (A Touch of Class) win the awards for best actor and actress in a supporting role.

While the 1974 award show might have seemed like every other, it is memorable because it’s where the youngest Academy Award winner was crowned.

That year, Ryan O’Neal’s daughter, Tatum O’Neal, won best actress in a supporting role for her performance as Addie Loggins in Paper Moon at the age of 10, making her the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award.

“All I really want to thank is my director Peter Bogdanovich and my father. Thank you,” she said during her acceptance speech.

The award was presented by Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland and she was accompanied on stage by her grandfather, screenwriter Charles O’Neal.

Where is Tatum O’Neal now?

Paper Moon marked O’Neal’s acting debut and she has since starred in several other productions but none have been as successful as her first role.

O’Neal’s resume includes roles in The Bad News Bears (1976), Little Darlings (1980), and The Runaways (2010).

More recent projects include roles in The Assent (2019) and Not to Forget (2021).

While O’Neal might be used to the spotlight, she’s taken a step back in recent years to deal with the effects of her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.

“That means that my hands stopped working,” she said of her disease during a 2020 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, via PEOPLE.

“It means that — I can’t really tie my shoes. It means that I can’t — I mean, I can’t tie my shoes. I have to re-learn to write.”

She gave fans an inside look at her battle in January 2020 by sharing a photo on Instagram of the bruises and scars on her back.

“Living with rheumatoid arthritis,” she wrote in the caption.

“A fall scratch scar on my right hip. And the back surgery scar from eight years ago.

“My last back surgery scar is on the front from February .
And all those red marks are from heating pads ~I probably should turn those down a little bit.

“Believe it or not this is me actually getting better,” she added.

“Cheers to everyone and rheumatoid arthritis can go f*** itself.”

O’Neal was first diagnosed with the disease in 2013, at the age of 50.

AP:Associated PressTatum O’Neal won the 1974 Oscar for best supporting actress at the age of 10, making her the youngest person to win the award[/caption]

Does Tatum O’Neal have kids?

When O’Neal is not on set, she can often be found at home, spending time with her family.

From 1986 to 1994, she was married to former professional tennis player John McEnroe, during which time, she welcomed three kids.

O’Neal first welcomed son Kevin in 1986, followed by son Sean in 1987 and then daughter Emily in 1991.

Like their mother, they have all dabbled in the arts over the years.

Kevin is now known for his career as an author while Sean is an artist and Emily is an actress.

Despite high-profile lives, the McEnroe kids often stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

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