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Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak apologizes to contestant after host touches player’s face in awkward on-stage moment

Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak apologizes to contestant after host touches player’s face in awkward on-stage moment

PAT Sajak has openly apologized after putting a contestant in a hairy situation on Tuesday’s episode.

The 76-year-old pulled on Greg’s beard during the interview portion which spun into some questionable territory.

ABCPat Sajak asked Greg: ‘If I come over there can I tug on it?’ referring to his impressive beard[/caption]

ABCThe longtime game show host then walked across the wheel to do just that[/caption]

ABC‘I’ve never done that!’ the TV host said as the audience gasped in palpable discomfort[/caption]

Pat chatted with Greg from North Fort Meyers, Florida at the top of Tuesday’s Wheel of Fortune episode.

Greg revealed he has been married for 37 years with a blended family of six children, 14 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren- but that wasn’t what seemed to interest the TV presenter.

It was Greg’s thick grey beard, of course, unlike any previously seen on the game show stage that come to mind.

Pat prompted him: “And Santa Claus needs help in the Holidays and I understand you fill that role?”

“That’s right Pat,” Greg said. “I’ve been helping Santa for 25 years.”

“And have you had the beard that long?” Pat wondered.

“No, I started the beard six years ago. Made all the difference in the world!” Greg joked on committing to the part of Santa.


Pat then continued: “Do the kids still pull on it?” 

To which Greg responded: “The kids still pull on it, I say, give it a tug!” 

Pat then asked: “If I come over there can I tug on it?” – the audience stirred in audible confusion.

“Yes sir,” Greg allowed. 

Pat then walked all the way across the wheel and tugged on Greg’s beard.

“I’ve never done that!” the host said. “And I will never do it again. Let’s move on shall we?”

At the end of the interview round, Pat looked nearly choked up and seemed to feel bad for perhaps crossing a line there.

He cleared the air with a nervous laugh and said: “Thank you all for being here, and I apologize again Santa.”

One fan posted to Twitter: “pulling on that dude’s beard was super cringy.”

“Pat just got handsy with a contestant…” wrote another.

Recently, it was a contestant who made fans uncomfortable when she grinded her butt on Pat after winning the bonus round.

ABCA few minutes later Pat sheepishly added: ‘and I apologize again’[/caption]

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