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Watch the moment screaming Love Island girls boot the boys out of the villa

Watch the moment screaming Love Island girls boot the boys out of the villa

THE LOVE Island girls are over the moon this evening as they discover that the boys are getting kicked out the villa – with their babies.

The Islanders wake up with five screaming kids in the villa and it’s not long until they all want a break.

The girls are over the moon as the boys leave the villaThe boys have to take the babies to the parkRex

Ron receives a text inviting the boys for a day out and they initially all start to celebrate until they realise the babies have to go too.

The girls jump for joy about having a girls day in the villa, as the boys venture out to a jungle gym-style play park.

Earlier in the day the group pick the all-important names for their kids.

Kai and Sanam name their baby boy Bruno, while Shaq and Tanya call their girl Shanya as Shaq says: “She’s just the most beautiful bundle of joy in the world.”

Jessie and Will pick a sentimental name in Rufus as Will explains: “It’s Rufus Lamby Wynter-Young. Rufus comes from a pet sheep I had on the farm.”

But tensions rise between Shaq and Tanya as she can’t resist joking: “Are you sure you’re the dad?”

Her comment comes after she strayed during Casa Amor and ended up bringing back bombshell Martin.

Later on, while playing with their babies on the slides and merry-go-round, the boys discuss fatherhood as Shaq asks Kai: ‘What type of dad do you think you will be?”

Kai says: “I’m the most laid back chilled individual going, Bruno will have a field day with me, Sanam will be the strict one.”

Talk soon turns to the future as Shaq asks Kai: “Can you see yourself and Sanam having kids one day maybe?”

Kai replies: “If things keep going how they are then without a doubt I could see us having kids. Bruno is lucky to have a mum like her; she’s beautiful, intelligent, caring.”

Meanwhile Will sings a nursery rhyme to baby Rufus and as the boys’ day out draws to an end they reflect on how they’ve adapted to being parents. Ron asks Shaq: “Do you want to be a parent?”

Shaq answers: “Yeah, me and Tanya have spoken about it in the future, she wants two I want three.”

Shaq reveals he’s looking forward to having kidsRexJessie and Will look after their babyRex

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