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Today’s Sheinelle Jones warns ‘we’ve got to hurry’ after producer scolds her off-camera during live segment

Today’s Sheinelle Jones warns ‘we’ve got to hurry’ after producer scolds her off-camera during live segment

TODAY’s Sheinelle has told her co-hosts they needed to hurry through their workout segment as they were out of time.

On Tuesday’s episode of the morning show, Sheinelle joined her Today co-hosts for a special workout segment.

Today’s Sheinelle Jones joined her co-hosts on Tuesday morning for a special workout segment.NBCCelebrity trainer Ngo Okafor introduced the group to a ’10-minute hard boiled egg workout’NBC

The crew worked with celebrity trainer Ngo Okafor for what he referred to as a “10-minute hard boiled egg workout.”

“If you have 10 minutes, you can get a great workout,” he explained.

Everyone started to participate in Ngo’s workout, getting down on mats on the floor at one point.

While the hosts exercised, a 10-minute egg timer was set so that they could enjoy hard-boiled eggs when the segment was complete.

During the workout, Sheinelle asked her producer: “Are we out of time?”

She received feedback from a producer that the hosts needed to wrap it up.

“Oh, we’re out of time, we’d better hurry,” Sheinelle said before getting back down on the mat to complete her workout.

When the workout came to a conclusion, Sheinelle and the rest of the crew were rewarded with a tray of sliced hard-boiled egg.


Meanwhile, Sheinelle apologized to the audience as she dropped the egg she was given during the special workout segment.

As part of the morning show’s Start Today workout segment, the Today 3rd Hour crew joined celebrity trainer Ngo Okafor for something a little “egg-citing”.

The “10-minute hard boiled egg workout” was something Ngo created that only takes 10 minutes of your day.

“If you have 10 minutes, you can get a great workout.”

“Honestly, I thought we were taking eggs and squeezing them or something,” Sheinelle Jones joked.

Ngo suggested going and starting a pot of water to boil before beginning the workout, with the idea that at the end, the boiled egg would be ready to consume.

When the workout came to a conclusion, Sheinelle and the rest of the crew were rewarded with a tray of sliced hard-boiled egg.

Sheinelle grabbed an egg from the tray and started to eat it, then immediately dropped it.

“Whoops!”she exclaimed. “I dropped my egg.”

The hosts began to take the show to commercial, but Sheinelle was still worried about her egg.

“I lost my yolk! There’s a big one somewhere,” Sheinelle said as she looked around the set.


Meanwhile, Al Roker corrected Sheinelle on a silly on air mistake involving Girl Scout cookies.

As part of a Consumer Confidential segment, NBC News Senior Consumer Investigative Correspondent Vicky Nguyen stopped by to discuss what people should buy before April to save money.

In addition to tax software, Vicky suggested buying Girl Scout cookies.

Al walked over to a table of cookies and asked Sheinelle what kind she liked before handing her a bag.

“I like Samosas,” she said.

Al couldn’t help but laugh as he turned to Sheinelle and laughed, echoing her.

“Samosas?” he giggled, while Sheinelle leaned back, cracking up.

“I mean Samoas!” she said, while Al pretended to look around through the cookies.

Al teased: “I don’t think we have Samosas.”

Sheinelle couldn’t stop laughing as she tried to calm down and continue the segment.

“We called them ‘Caramel Delights’ when I grew up,” she said.

The group couldn’t stop laughing at Sheinelle’s faux pas as they continued the segment.

They munched on Girl Scout cookies as the show continued.


Meanwhile, Al and Sheinelle forgot how to use their words while snacking on a new ice cream flavor.

The hosts had a taste test during a recent PopStart segment.

Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream released a limited edition flavor based on the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso.

The Today hosts dug into a pint of the “Biscuits with the Boss” flavor, which combines shortbread cookies and buttery sweet cream ice cream as well as sea salt.

As the hosts tasted the ice cream, they were immediately at a loss for words.

“Oh my God…ohhh. Oh,” said Al, losing himself in the flavor.

Sheinelle was equally excited, as she stammered: “Wait a minute. Wait.”

They traded off “mmms” and other exclamations.

Carson Daly, watching his co-hosts eat the ice cream, encouraged them to tell viewers what they were tasting.

He exclaimed: “Describe it! This is television!”

Sheinelle did her best to explain why she enjoyed the ice cream: “Imagine the yummy parts of the shortbread.”

Al agreed: “The base is fantastic.”

The hosts couldn’t get over how much they loved the ice cream flavor.


Meanwhile, Al returned to work in full force despite fan concerns that he should take it slow after his health complications last year.

The Today star has not held back with appearances on several different news programs in recent weeks.

Now fans have begged Al, 68, to take it easy after he shared behind-the-scenes footage from NBC Nightly News.

The TV personality took to his Instagram feed on Thursday night to give his followers a weather update.

The meteorologist filmed selfie-style as he walked through the backstage area of NBC studios in New York.

Al wore a plaid suit, gold tie, and matching gold flower pin as he explained current conditions to his fans.

“Well good evening everybody, we are at studio 1A and getting ready for NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

“Lester is getting ready for the broadcast, got a lot going on today from the climate unit. We are going to be talking about tornado watches, there are tornado warnings going on right now, and we’ve got winter weather,” he explained.

“There’s going to be a very intense line of heavy snow stretching from the Great Lakes into New England.”

Al then panned the camera to the radar screen, saying: “Oh you can see right now, there’s the radar. We have several warnings going on right now, so a very very volatile situation.”

The beloved weatherman then showed off some of his co-workers manning the teleprompter ahead of the broadcast.

“One more look at Lester Holt from behind, it’s pretty good. Bye-bye,” he added.

Al captioned his post: “The latest on the severe weather and heavy snowfall across the country coming up on @nbcnightlynews with @lesterholtnbc.”

Before the workout was complete, Sheinelle asked producers if they were out of timeNBCShe then advised everyone that they needed to hurryNBCAt the end of the workout, the hosts had their own hard-boiled egg to eatNBC

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