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Today fill-in host abruptly cut off mid-sentence as live morning show jumps to commercial break

Today fill-in host abruptly cut off mid-sentence as live morning show jumps to commercial break

TODAY host Jill Martin has been cut off before she could finish speaking during Tuesday’s episode.

Jill joined hosts Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones for a cooking segment alongside a special guest: chef Erica Blaire Roby.

Jill Martin joined the Today hosts for a segment about cooking beef brisket po’boysNBCShe had been filling in for Al Roker and Craig Melvin for the dayNBC

The anchor had been filling in for Al Roker and Craig Melvin for the day as they have been absent from the show.

Chef Erica stopped by to show everyone how to make a beef brisket po’boy sandwich.

The hosts dug into the finished product, taking a bite and loving the taste of the sandwich.

“They just told me I can’t take another bite because I have to talk,” joked Sheinelle.

“So let’s hurry up and get this show over with. I’m just kidding,” she laughed.

Sheinelle thanked Jill for “hanging out” with them on the episode before sharing what was coming up tomorrow.

When Jill tried to introduce what was coming up in an episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon later that night, however, the broadcast simply cut to commercial.

Today did not return, apparently having run out of time for the duration of its broadcast.


Jill filled in for hosts Al Roker and Craig Melvin as the pair were missing from Tuesday’s broadcast.

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb returned to the show on Monday, after health issues kept them both away.

However, on Tuesday, they were not joined by Craig, who typically comes in about 30 minutes into the show.

Instead, Dylan Dreyer and Carson Daly sat at the desk.

When Al is absent, typically Dylan reports the weather.

Al was also absent on Monday, but Craig joined Sheinelle Jones and Dylan for the third hour.

However, on Tuesday, they were both missing and fan-favorite host, Jill Martin, filled in for them.

She joined the third-hour hosts for a workout segment, an interview with Broadway actor Anthony Rapp, and helped to discuss the rules of networking, among other things.

Neither of them gave an explanation for their absence.

However, Craig has been covering the Alex Murdaugh trial, which took place in South Carolina.


Previously, Al snapped at a Today producer and refused to take her direction in an awkward moment.

The beloved 68-year-old NBC meteorologist had a terse response instead.

On Friday morning, Self editor-in-chief Rachel Miller stopped by the Today set to share the results of its 2023 Pantry Awards – and some samples.

Dieticians and editors tested more than 400 items across several snack categories including protein bars, pretzels, chips, and more.

Al and special fill-in anchors Jill Martin and Jacob Soboroff got to enjoy the tasty treats for themselves.

The three hosts noshed on the goods, chewing and smacking their lips loudly as they did, eventually bringing down the wrath of NBC producers.

Jacob shared: “Allie Markowitz, our producer, just said, ‘TV bites guys, stop eating so much.’”

That raised the ire of Al.

“Too bad!” he clapped. “You’re not down here, Allie! We’re eating!”

But viewers seemed to agree with the NBC head, with one tweeting to the show: “[Jacob] is as bad as Craig [Melvin]… eating like he hasn’t eaten in days. So disgusting.

“These food segments need to go.”

As the segment came to an end, Sheinelle thanked Jill for joining them on the showGetty ImagesJill then began to announce what was coming up next later in the dayNBCThe show then abruptly went to commercial and cut Jill offNBC

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