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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shows son Creed, 2, hanging off stair railings in pic after being ripped for parenting decisions

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry shows son Creed, 2, hanging off stair railings in pic after being ripped for parenting decisions

KAILYN Lowry has shared a shocking photo of her two-year-old son Creed hanging from the railing of the stairs amid fan outcry over her parenting choices.

The Teen Mom 2 alum has faced backlash for recent posts allowing her young children to use profanity.

InstagramKailyn shared a photo of Creed hanging from the railing of her stairs[/caption]

InstagramShe has faced backlash over her parenting methods[/caption]

Now Kailyn, 30, has added to the controversy with a photo of her son Creed, two, shared on her social media.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday night to reshare a snap of her son, originally posted by her friend Natalie.

The photo showed the little boy wearing pajama pants with the pockets out, a red tee shirt, black socks, and a red du-rag while he climbed on the stair railing of her Delaware mansion.

Creed stood on the edge of one step and held on to the railing while arching his back toward the camera in a worrisome pose.

Natalie captioned the picture: “Just a boy wearing his du-rag doing tricks.”

She then quoted the child, writing: “Na-Nat watch this!”

Kailyn reshared the post with her own caption, reading: “Pockets out is also a nice touch,” with a laughing emoji.


The questionable photo came amid fan backlash regarding the MTV star’s parenting methods.

Over the weekend, the young mom was ripped by her followers after she encouraged her toddler to say an explicit word on camera.

Kailyn filmed her youngest son Creed trying to count all his siblings.

“How many brothers do you have now?” the Teen Mom 2 alum asked the three-year-old.

Creed kept his head down as he pondered the question from the couch inside their $750,000 Delaware mansion.

Wearing a blue and white Spiderman outfit and his tight brown curls, the youngster struggled to formulate his answer.

He eventually replied, which Kailyn included the text on the screen: “2…3…4…too f**king many!”

The young mom was heard laughing in the background at her son’s response before the clip cut out.

She captioned the post with a bunch of hashtags, including mom life, toddlers of TikTok, biggie, and kail and the chaos.


However, others weren’t as amused by Creed’s language and aired their thoughts in a popular Teen Mom forum.

The original poster started the conversation by sharing the video with the caption: “Was it supposed to be… funny? Relatable? A way to feed the ‘n. 5 baby’ rumor you’re so pissed about, Kail?”

Someone else replied: “Why hinder a child’s innocence by forcing them to curse for views?”

A third commented: “She’s teaching them to disrespect her and women in general.”

A fourth wrote: “It is not cute to encourage this s**t. If a kid says it, they say it, but this was coached.”

A fifth agreed: “For her to record it, he must have said and been encouraged or more leaning towards coached.. It just ain’t cute.”

And another called the move “embarrassing” and “trashy” on Kailyn’s part for allowing that kind of behavior.


The video also stirred other questions, as many thought Creed might have accidentally leaked that his mother welcomed her fifth child.

Rumors have been circulating that Kailyn gave birth in November, though the TV personality has yet to confirm the news.

In another online thread referencing the video, one person asked: “Is this a soft launch of Creed’s baby brother?”

And a second echoed: “Are we finally getting a baby reveal?!?”

Kailyn shares Creed and her five-year-old son, Lux, with her ex-Chris Lopez.

She is also a mom to a 13-year-old son, Isaac, with her ex-Jo Rivera, and an eight-year-old son, Lincoln, with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

Her supposed fifth child is suspected of belonging to her live-in boyfriend, Elijah Scott, 24, whom she began dating sometime last Spring.

Instagram / Kailyn LowryKailyn filmed her son cursing on camera[/caption]

Instagram / Kailyn LowryFans slammed her for allowing her toddler to use explicit language[/caption]

TikTok/kaillowryMany believe Kailyn welcomed a fifth child in November with her boyfriend Elijah[/caption]

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