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Ted Lasso star Keeley Hazell opens up about her ‘wild and crazy’ past and what was ‘triggering’ while penning her memoir

Ted Lasso star Keeley Hazell opens up about her ‘wild and crazy’ past and what was ‘triggering’ while penning her memoir

TED Lasso star Keeley Hazell has revealed how her upcoming memoir will delve into her “wild and crazy” past. 

The former model, 36, exclusively told The U.S. Sun that she found it “triggering” to recall her past for the book titled Everyone’s Seen My Tits.

JDMCTed Lasso star Keeley Hazell opens up about her ‘wild and crazy’ past at the launch of season three of the hit show in Los Angeles on Tuesday night[/caption]

Apple TVKeeley Hazell plays Bex in the hit Apple TV+ show[/caption]

It will delve into how she made her name as a topless pin up for U.K.lad’s mags” before moving to Hollywood.

These days the brunette beauty Hazell is both an actress and writer on award-winning Ted Lasso alongside lead actor Jason Sudeikis, who she has previously been romantically linked to.   

She spoke out in depth for the first time about the decision to write her story at the Hollywood premiere of season three of the hit Apple TV+ show.  

Hazell, who grew up in South East London, said she hopes readers will “take away a couple of things” from the book.


She told The U.S. Sun: “I think it should start a conversation. 

“We are looking at history in a different way, so much time has passed since my modeling career.

“I think it is a look back and in a way we have changed. We need to continue a conversation.

“I got up to some wild and crazy things as a teenager. It should be entertaining in that regard.”

Hazell was working as a hairdresser after leaving school at 16 when she decided to get into modeling. 

She won a competition The Sun’s Page 3 Idol competition for aspiring glamor models in 2004 which led to a contract with the newspaper. 

After that she regularly featured in young men’s magazines such as Loaded, Nuts, Zoo Weekly, Maxim and FHM during their heyday in the 2000s. 

Her first foray into movies came in 2006 with a small role in the romantic comedy-drama Cashback. 

She started starring in Ted Lasso as Bex, the girlfriend of former AFC Richmond owner Rupert Mannion, in 2020.

And for the new season three she was hired as a writer too.


Hazell says that going back over her past to write the book has brought up a lot of emotions. 

She revealed: “Usually I sit at a laptop and write some things and then cry, bang my head against a brick wall and cry a bit more. 

“Then I write a little more. That is pretty much the process.

“It is therapeutic in many ways, but also very triggering.

“Going into your past, looking at things from every single angle is a lot. 

“And writing about yourself – I much prefer writing characters for other people.

“Oh my God I am so sick of me. I am just dealing with me again.”

Hazell shied away from talking about her love life but has been previously linked with Brit actor and comedian David Walliams and soccer stars such as Anton Ferdinand, Joe Cole and Keiran Richardson.

She was romantically linked to her Ted Lasso co-star Jason Sudeikis in 2021 but the pair reportedly split by May last year.  


Hazell arrived an hour earlier than the American actor and show creator, who in recent times has been through an acrimonious split from ex-wife Olivia Wilde.

She admitted that she was aware publishers often want famous writers to discuss their romantic relations – similar to how Prince Harry’s book Spare divulged how he lost his virginity.

But she is not keen to go there, saying: “There are not any romantic links in mine. There is other stuff.”

The former pin-up promises that the book will instead explain for the first time her decision to “uproot” from London for a career in Hollywood.

“You will find all about that in the book,” she said.

“I do write a lot about that.  For me there were experiences that happened and I ran.

“I read somewhere recently that the best thing to overcome trauma is to quit your job, book a flight and never come back. And I took that advice.”

Hazell joined the cast and even Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Regency Theater in Westwood on Tuesday night for the launch.


She spoke about her joy in moving from acting to writing for the show.

Hazell said: “It is so brilliant. I love actually being behind the camera so much. Being a writer on the show was the most magical thing.

“I went to work every day (thinking) somebody actually pays me to be here and do this, this is a job. 

“It came about as I’d started writing before the show and there were talks about season one, possibly coming in, and it didn’t quite happen. 

“Later on conversations were had, samples were shown and hires happened. It’s great.

“I have been very fortunate, which doesn’t happen for a lot of people. I am so grateful for that.

“For me, writing wasn’t something I thought of pursuing so much. It just kind of happened. 

“It was something I was doing and people read stuff I had written and responded. That has been the journey, really.”

Hazell believes that the mix of British sport and American comedy writing is what has made the show a smash that has won 11 Emmys so far.

She explained: “There really is a balance. They have it so perfect. It is hard to encapsulate then tell you what it is.

“I think it is the way jokes are told in the football world.

“There are no shows that have really worked in that world, but the American humor that comes in is probably the key. 

“That is the formula.”

Getty Images – GettyKeeley Hazell attends the Ted Lasso red carpet premiere event at Westwood Village Theater on Tuesday[/caption]

APHazell stars in Ted Lasso alongside lead actor Jason Sudeikis, who she has been romantically linked to[/caption]

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