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Netflix fans ‘terrified to sleep alone’ after watching horror The Unholy saying it ‘scared the s*** out of’ them

Netflix fans ‘terrified to sleep alone’ after watching horror The Unholy saying it ‘scared the s*** out of’ them

NETFLIX fans have been “terrified to sleep alone” after watching horror movie The Unholy, released on the service this month.

The 2021 film just hit screens on the streaming site – and fans have admitted it “scare the s*** out of them”, leaving them horrified.

Sony PicturesFans were left terrified after watching the film[/caption]

Sony PicturesThey hit out they were left “s*** scared” by the Netflix streamed horror movie[/caption]

The movie sees a hearing-impaired young girl visited by the Virgin Mary, allowing her to hear, speak and heal the sick.

However, as people flock to witness her miracles, terrifying events begin to unfold, as it appears she’s possessed by a more sinister spirit.

Starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, William Sadler and Cricket Brown, The Unholy left fans terrified after its initial release.

But now, Netflix viewers have admitted they can no longer sleep after being left “terrified” by the Sam Raimi film.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “The Unholy scared the s*** out of me,” as another chimed in: “We didn’t finish it, I was SO terrified.”

“Solid horror movie, there were parts that definitely scared the s*** out of me,” a third agreed.

A fourth penned: “I started watching the unholy on Netflix… only five minutes in and unless my boyfriend stays at mine, it’s going to stay that way.”

The Unholy is not the only Netflix re-release that has been leaving fans “too scared to sleep” after viewing.

New show Lockwood and Co had fans terrified, as they branded it “top tier scary” weeks after its release.

One particular scene sending shivers down fans’ spines is a haunting procession of chanting ghost monks.

A fan took to Twitter to confess: “Episode 3 really had me pooping my pants. Nasty nightmares I had.”

Another echoed: echoed: “Warning! Episode three is FREAKING CREEPY and scary. But so good. Don’t give up.”

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