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Love Island viewers all say the same thing about Shaq after Tanya asks if ‘he’s the dad’ during baby challenge

Love Island viewers all say the same thing about Shaq after Tanya asks if ‘he’s the dad’ during baby challenge

LOVE Island viewers were baffled by Shaq’s reaction after Tanya made a joke about their fake baby.

Tonight saw the arrival of five kids and the Islanders were tasked with looking after them as they screamed their heads off.

Shaq wasn’t impressed as Tanya joked about the baby’s dadRexFans questioned why Shaq was so annoyedRex

Tanya and Shaq decided to call their little one Shanya and Tanya couldn’t resist joking: “Are you sure you’re the dad?”

Shaq immediately looked horrified and questioned why she would even say that and insisted it wasn’t funny.

Tanya tried to backtrack and reassure him, but he appeared to be fuming.

Her comment comes after she strayed during Casa Amor and ended up bringing back bombshell Martin.  

Those watching at home couldn’t believe how upset Shaq seemed and they weren’t impressed.

One person wrote: “Nah, Shaq REALLY loves Tanya yano. Even a joke about a doll possibly not being his, hits hard.”

A second said: “Why is shaq so mad at the joke he needs to CHILLAX .”

While a third added: “Oh for f*** sake Shaq not ANOTHER joke your mad about like babe pls that joke was never that deep, A joke is A JOKE.”

Tanya shocked Shaq and viewers when she returned with Martin – despite telling Shaq she loved him just days before.

She promptly dumped him once back in the main villa and Shaq decided to forgive her.

However he really struggled after Movie Night where he watched scenes of Tanya kissing Martin and flirting with him.

When he confronted her, she insisted she had done nothing wrong.

A frustrated Shaq told the male islanders: “I cant lie, I feel like she’s a liar, I feel like she’s full of s*8t.”

Shaq then left the villa to gather his thoughts, where he grew tearful while being comforted by Tom Clare.

Later, Shaq and Tanya sat down at the fire pit to talk, with Tanya saying: “It feels like you don’t believe that I love you and you don’t believe the things that I tell you.”

Shaq asked Tanya: “Do you love me? Look me dead in the eye, I’m asking you seriously.”

To which she replied: “The fact that you’re asking me that question… You don’t trust me.”

Shaq responded: “Because I haven’t done anything for you to ever doubt my trust. You have to give me time to get over the situation and you have to give us time to build the trust back, is that not fair enough?”

Tanya enjoyed a brief fling with Martin

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