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Love Island star reveals harrowing details of ‘volatile’ pregnancy and claims baby daughter died to escape violent ex

Love Island star reveals harrowing details of ‘volatile’ pregnancy and claims baby daughter died to escape violent ex

A LOVE Island star has revealed harrowing details of her “volatile” pregnancy, claiming her baby daughter died to escape her ex.

The reality TV favourite – who rose to fame in 2016 – opened up about the loss of her first child, who passed away one month after birth in 2019.

Malin opened up about the “abusive” situation with her exInstagramRex FeaturesMalin’s ex Tom – who she shared baby daughter Consy with – was jailed after an attack[/caption]

Malin, 30, took to MP Jess Phillips’ podcast to open up about the loss of her daughter, who was born at seven months due to “stress”.

She explained she was in an “abusive” relationship, and “could not get away” from her ex-boyfriend before the baby tragically passed away.

She said on the Yours Sincerely podcast: “When I became pregnant, I decided to name her after my mum, my daughter Consy.

“The pregnancy was so volatile and stressful, so when she stopped moving in my stomach, it’s all because of him.”

Malin admitted she felt her daughter passed away in order to help her leave the situation, “saving” her from him.

She continued: “She was born at seven months, she survived for a month and then she passed away.”

“I looked at this guy who had given me so much hell, even throughout the stay in Great Ormond Street, he was still being abusive behind the scenes.

“I wanted to find a way out – and I truly believe that my daughter was like, ‘I’m not, I’m leaving’.

“I’m very spiritual and she was like, ‘I’m not going to be here, I’m saving you from him.’

“The only way for me to get away from him was for him to get arrested and me having zero contact, it was so damaging to my mind.”

Malin welcomed baby daughter Consy prematurely after suffering “complications” in her pregnancy in December 2018.

The Love Island star revealed the baby girl, who she shared with her then ex Tom Kemp, arrived days before Christmas.

The sweet tot was cared for at Great Ormond Street before she tragically passed away just four weeks later.

She wrote at the time: “Completely in love with you, and my Mum just wanted you to be with her.

“Your time wasn’t ready yet. Mummy loves you. I stayed with you each day, you opened your eyes one last time for me and I saw those beautiful big brown eyes.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t do any more. Go be with grandma Consy. My angel, rest in peace Consy Gloria Emma Andersson-Kemp.”

Malin’s ex Tom was jailed in 2020 after an attack, leaving her “black and blue” and needing hospital treatment for a broken hand. 

Kemp, 28, admitted to occasioning actual bodily harm and was jailed for ten months when he appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court.

He was freed three months after he was sentenced and served the rest of his term on Home Detention Curfew.

Malin was branded a “liar with mental health issues” by Kemp after she accused him of physical and mental abuse in shocking posts.

She previously shared harrowing photos last year showing off gruesome bruises on her body after the abuse.

She also shared a picture of bloody nose and tear-stained face as she warned fans about domestic abuse.

Kemp and Malin embarked on an on-off romance in 2018 with the star discovering she was pregnant in May that year.

They briefly split during her pregnancy amid claims Kemp had been unfaithful, but reunited shortly before daughter Consy was born.

The pair split again before briefly reuniting.

Malin then bravely opened up about the violence after their relationship ended for good but did not name Kemp.

She revealed how the abuse began with “love bombing”, where the victim is showered with gifts and compliments.

But she told how the relationship soured when the thug began to mentally abuse her by fixating on her insecurities – calling her “ugly”, “fat” and “worthless”.

She said he also used to make comments about her beloved mum Consy, who died from cancer just months before her namesake granddaughter was born.

Opening up about the violence, Malin told The Sun in June: “It started with things being thrown in my face out of anger — food, bottles of water, whatever was in his hand, all out of anger.

“He switched from zero to 100 within seconds. Once they think they can do that to you, it escalates.”

She compared the abuse to being “stuck in a web with a spider” as she was “hit, pushed, kicked, scratched, spoken down to, controlled, manipulated, cheated on, and so much more”.

Malin went on to welcome a second child, baby girl Xaya, last year, with her boyfriend Jared.

InstagramMalin’s first child Consy passed away at one-month-old after a premature birth[/caption]

RexMalin rose to fame on Love Island back in 2016[/caption]

InstagramMalin is now mum to baby girl Xaya with new boyfriend Jordan[/caption]

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