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Love Island in new fix row as fans slammed ‘rigged’ dumping

Love Island in new fix row as fans slammed ‘rigged’ dumping

LOVE Island is in a new fix row as fans have slammed the ‘rigged’ dumping.

The bizarre fan theory suggests Samie and Tom should have been in the bottom two, during last night’s shock dumping.

ErotemeLove Island is in a new fix row as fans slammed the ‘rigged’ dumping[/caption]

ErotemeCasey and Rosie were sent packing after landing in the bottom two[/caption]

In the end, it was Casey and Rosie that received the fewest votes from the public and said goodbye to their fellow Islanders in some very emotional scenes.

Casey and Rosie were in the bottom two alongside Tanya and Shaq, leaving some viewers confused.

Taking to social media, one person said: “PEOPLE LITERALLY VOTED FOR SAMIE AND TOM??? NAH ITS RIGGED.”

A second penned: “Wow. This is definitely rigged.”

And a third added: “This is all so rigged for Samie and Tom to win,” and a fourth wrote: “This is so rigged what’s even the point in voting? Samie and Tom should’ve been in the bottom.”

It comes after a tough week for Samie and Tom, after the couple came under fire for their behaviour towards fellow Islander Ron.

Fans vowed to call Ofcom as Ron was targeted by the Islanders amid claims he had a game plan.

Ron decided to pull Samie for a chat after she told all the others that he was game playing, but she refused to back down.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the uncomfortable viewing, one person wrote: “I’m sorry but it was sammi who started the rumour and planted a seed in others head. I like the girl but she’s gaslighting.”

A second said: “She is gaslighting & manipulating Ron over & over again.”

While a third added: “I’ll even vote ron and Lana because I can’t support bullying, Samie to Ofcom.”

The row first kicked off after Ron said: “When I was a viewer… I thought, the ones who have their drama nice and early and then get comfy and treat it like a holiday, they’re the ones who are probably like, they just cruise.”

His comment made Samie speculate whether Ron had let slip his game plan.

She told Tom and some of the Islanders: “I was like, did he just reveal his game plan?”

Tanya, Shaq, Rose, Casey and Ron and Jessie found themselves in the bottom threeRex

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