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Kylie Jenner shares new video of her face after fans claim her lips look ‘botched’ & she’s gone ‘too far’ with surgery

Kylie Jenner shares new video of her face after fans claim her lips look ‘botched’ & she’s gone ‘too far’ with surgery

KYLIE Jenner has given fans a close-up look at her face in a new video shared on social media.

Kylie, 25, took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday and uploaded a random video of her sitting in a car.

InstagramKylie Jenner has given fans a close-up look at her face in a new video shared on social media[/caption]

InstagramThe 25-year-old was wearing a white top and sitting in her car as she showed off her perfectly made up face[/caption]

The mom-of-two was wearing a tight white T-shirt and wore her long brunette hair down, which she flicked in front of her face.

Kylie was listening to the track 3:15 (Breathe) by Russ as she recorded the impromptu content for her 380 million followers.

Her fans got a good look at her made-up face which featured heavy brown lip liner, plenty of pink blusher, and perfectly groomed eyebrows.

There has been much speculation about Kylie’s face in recent months and many fans think she’s had some secret surgery.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum recently raised breast reduction rumors amid her postpartum weight loss.

In some recent snaps, Kylie wore a shiny gold bathing suit with a matching wrap coverup.

The reality TV star’s breasts appeared smaller and more compact in the post, leading fans to share theories of breast reduction.

“Smaller boobs?” one asked on Reddit, opening up the conversation.

“I think with that size titty they can look bigger or smaller depending on the type of top you are wearing,” a second claimed.

“I think she’s just wearing an appropriately sized top compared to what we’re used to seeing her in,” a third theorized.

And last month, Kylie’s followers begged her to slow down on her alleged plastic surgery and claimed her lips looked “botched.”

After Kylie shared some snaps from a recent vacation, her fans noticed that something was awry with the makeup mogul’s lips.

“Not the best angle for her migrated lip filler,” one wrote on Reddit alongside a zoomed-in screenshot of the pic.

“On second thought i think i’ll just let my top lip be small,” a second joked.

“It’s really a full circle moment that she looks like Kris did that time she had an allergic reaction in bora bora,” a third claimed.

Another laughed: “Sportin that beluga whale profile with her migrating lip filler.”

“I don’t know who is responsible for their PR or online accounts but they must not be their biggest fans. A professional worth their money wouldn’t advise for such ridicule, so I guess they just do as they want and it’s a complete mess like their botched selves,” a final trolled.


The photos circulated on a popular Kardashian forum where fans couldn’t help but comment on Kylie’s seemingly different appearance, zeroing in on her lips.

The original poster started the discussion, writing: “The lips are really something else now.”

Others also noted the reality star’s noticeably larger pout, with someone else commenting: “The more you focus on it, the stranger it looks.”

A third replied: “Yes! I have looked at them a couple of times now and zoomed in to understand what is going on there but yeah… you are really not supposed to see them from a side angle.”

One commenter chimed in: “Some people get lip filler and it’s very cute, the problem is knowing when to stop…”

While another added: “Her lip extends further than her chin LOL whoever’s doing her lips is f**king her up.”

Someone else theorized: “It looks like she’s just got them filled and maybe that’s why they’re swollen.”

Instagram/ kyliejennerFans have been speculating about Kylie’s alleged plastic surgery in recent months[/caption]

Getty – ContributorReality TV star Kylie Jenner appeared to be sporting smaller lips back in 2015[/caption]

Kylie Jenner/InstagramSome of Kylie’s followers think she has had secret breast surgery and think her lips look ‘botched’[/caption]

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