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Khloe Kardashian accused of getting ‘secret surgery’ after fans notice ‘painful’ new detail on star’s face

Khloe Kardashian accused of getting ‘secret surgery’ after fans notice ‘painful’ new detail on star’s face

KHLOE Kardashian has been accused of getting secret surgery after looking unrecognizable in her latest video.

The 38-year-old’s fans speculated that she has had cheek and lip fillers and said it looked “painful.”

Khloe Kardashian has been accused of getting cheek and lip fillersSnapchat/khloekardashianShe looked unrecognizable in her latest videoSnapchat/khloekardashian

Khloe posted a video of herself pouting on Snapchat on Tuesday, showing off her significantly larger-looking pout.

Fans were unsure if the effect was due to a filter or if she’d had a procedure done to her face.

One shared a screenshot on Reddit and wrote: “Did she get the cheek thing? Or more filler?”

Another added: “Those lips look painful can she even smile with them being so big??”

A third claimed: “It looks like she got a lip flip in addition to the filler, her upper lip has a new turn to it.”

“KHLOÉ STOP MESSING WITH YOUR FACE,” yet another user urged.

The comments come amid years of speculation over Khloe’s changing face and body.

Back in June 2021, the Kardashians star confirmed she’d had a nose job and Botox.

“For me, everyone says, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s had her third face transplant!’ I’ve had one nose job!” she said during the KUWTK reunion.

“Everyone gets so upset, like, why don’t I talk about it? No one’s ever asked me!

“You’re the first person that’s ever asked me in an interview about my nose. I’ve done, sure, injections. Not really Botox. I’ve responded horribly to Botox.”

She revealed in April that she got her nose job weeks before her daughter True’s first birthday in 2019.

“I got it a couple weeks before True‘s first birthday. Love it!” she tweeted.

Another fan tweeted the star saying: “Worst recovery ever! I’ll never do it again!”

Khloe responded: “Stop!!! Mine was a breeze. That’s crazy. It honestly was so easy for me. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

Back in July 2022, fans became convinced that the Good American founder has since had a second nose jobclaiming her nose has been looking “tiny”.

Khloe has also sparked concern with her drastic weight loss in recent months.

In September 2022, Kim shared their family’s concern over Khloe’s weight loss.


“You look very skinny,” she told Khloe during an episode of The Kardashians.

“Not that I’m trying to out them but Kendall and Kylie did say that they were a little concerned for you because you look really skinny and I said I think she’s a bit stressed.”

Khloe struggled to suppress a grin and said, “And Kendall said it? The model? Wow.”

Kim went on: “I said, ‘No guys, it’s fine.’ I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned but I’m telling you, she’s fine’.”

Khloe appeared to celebrate her sisters’ concern, lifting her leg into the air and doing a little dance.

In a later episode, Kim was slammed for boasting that Khloe looks “skinnier than ever.” during a Met Gala fitting.

Khloe was filmed wearing a corset as she got fitted by designer Jeremy Scott and his team for the annual fashion event.

Kim commented: “You’re skinnier than ever.”

Jeremy, 47, then chimed in: “Your measurements are smaller than the models that would do the show so you should know that that little waist is teensy itsy bitsy.”

GettyKhloe has admitted to having a nose job and Botox in the past (seen in 2008)[/caption]

chrisappleton1/InstagramThe 38-year-old has sparked concern with her drastic weight loss in recent months[/caption]

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