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Kelly Ripa calls out Live producer for ‘fixing’ her game segment against Ryan Seacrest in awkward on-air moment

Kelly Ripa calls out Live producer for ‘fixing’ her game segment against Ryan Seacrest in awkward on-air moment

KELLY Ripa has accused one of her talk show producers of rigging her on-air game against co-host Ryan Seacrest.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan stars have been competing in Oscars Countdown games to prepare for their big award show broadcasts next week.


A little ways into Wednesday’s episode, as Kelly and Ryan were discussing some of the things yet to come on the show that day, the soap opera alum called out a producer off-stage.

She crossed her legs as she told everyone: “Let me tell you something. The fix is in!”

“The fix is in, and I’ll yell you why,” Kelly went on, now leaning forward over the desk.

“Dave Mullen was meandering in the hallways, he’s been producing this, and he’s standing there, going over his notes, and I see his card,” she said. “And on the back of the card, it says, ‘Ryan wins.’”

The other crew members can be heard saying “uh oh” off-camera.

Searching around, Kelly found the evidence she wanted and told Ryan: “There it is. Look!”

The camera panned over to the producer as he held up the sign in question.

“What’s on the other side,” Ryan then asked, to which the crew member showed said the inverse, “Kelly wins!”

Last month, Kelly threw jabs at another one of the show’s producer, EP Michael Gelman.

He called him out for sharing details about his colonoscopy with her.

She joked that she always hears about when he has one coming up because he tells her “how much weight he lost after his ‘fast.’”

The camera panned to producer Michael, who just smiled and shook his head.

“You know, as if we want to know these things,” said Kelly.

She then looked straight at the camera, pointed, and said: “But we have to hear it, damn it, like it or not, and now you do too!”

Meanwhile, Ryan also had some complaints for crew members in a recent episode.

During Tuesday’s show, he called out colleagues in the audience for not cheering for him during another Oscars game he played with Kelly.

The hosts got three pictures of movies and they had to buzz in with which one won Best Picture.

The hosts went back and forth guessing for multiple rounds of different award show years, and it was a pretty even score.

After Kelly and Ryan played a few times, the crew members eventually grew silent.

They cheered a bit when Kelly would get one right, but when Ryan guessed Dances With Wolves correctly, the studio was mum.

Before moving on to the next one, he shouted: “No excitement from the crowd?!”

The crew then cheered and laughed as DJ Deja Vu moved onto the next set of movies.

In the end, Ryan won again.


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