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Jill Duggar shows off living room & huge plant collection as she walks fans through her $385K Arkansas home in new video

Jill Duggar shows off living room & huge plant collection as she walks fans through her $385K Arkansas home in new video

JILL Duggar has shown off her living room and plant collection inside her $385K Arkansas home.

The Counting On alum has been sharing snippets inside her home, showing off her youngest son’s nursery and more.

Instagram / Jill (Duggar) DillardCounting On star Jill Duggar showed off her living room and plant collection[/caption]

Instagram / Jill (Duggar) DillardThe star lives in a $385K Arkansas mansion with her husband and kids[/caption]

On Tuesday, Jill, 31, took to her Instagram Story to show off another piece of her home.

She walked as she talked, starting her tour inside the living room of her home.

The TLC alum shared the video in the hopes of getting some insight from fans about the health of some of her plants.

“Hey, guys. So, I am checking on my plants – watering, and everything,” Jill started.

“I wanted to ask you guys. I was gonna look it up. I thought maybe I would just cut off some of these. It’s looking very, like, diseased. Maybe it needs a bigger pot or maybe I overwatered it.”

She went on: “So we got this plant from Sam’s Club and I’ve never had one of these like palm – it says ‘Assorted Palm’ because they had different kinds of palm.

“So, this is a palm, and as you can see some of the leaves started turning yellow. I usually water my plants like once a week and this one I watered initially just to get it – it was like really dry – so I watered it once and then I watered it again. It was like really dry.”

In a second video, she explained that it came in a disposable pot inside a reusable one.

As she gave fans different angles of the plant, she showed off a larger collection.

Jill revealed: “I have these little plants that Jessa gave me that I love. Check it out. So cute. Ivy. I got that one from Jenny – a little air plant. I got this one from Jessa. And then this little plant that had a little yellow leaf I clipped off of it that I just gave to Sam and he loves.”

She also showed off a medium-sized snake plant, a hanging plant that had a few dead leaves hanging from it, and more.

She also showed a peek at her living room, which featured plush leather couches and decor to match.


This isn’t the first time Jill has brought fans inside her home.

She recently took fans inside the kitchen, showing how she makes sourdough bread.

In the process, she made a massive mess but she appeared unbothered.

Jill explained: “I’ve had the best time learning to make sourdough bread with my friend Krista. 

“I’ve got it right here,” she added, panning her camera down to show a bowl covered with a plaid rag.

Jill continued: “It is gonna sit here the rest of the day until I’m ready to bake it tonight.”

The mother of three then took a break from filming, returning later to show how the bread had risen.

“I am super excited, there’s my sourdough!” she exclaimed, turning the camera to the countertop where she had dispersed a ton of flour.

The entire counter space was covered in powdery white flour, making her kitchen a huge mess.

“It looks great, I am about to turn it out on the floured surface,” Jill explained.

The TV star then showed fans the finished loaves, saying: “So I didn’t get these out of the oven but they look amazing, they smell amazing, and I cannot wait to eat them. Yum!”

The TLC alum had cleaned up the flour mess for a photo shoot of her two matching loaves.

Jill’s kitchen disaster came amid fan backlash over her cooking skills.


The star celebrated Valentine’s Day at home with her husband Derick Dillard.

The pair documented their date night on Twitter which got fans buzzing.

In the first snap, Jill and Derick both grinned at the camera as they held up their full dinner plates.

The couple appeared to be ready to dive into a steak dinner, complete with some vegetables.

In the second shot, Jill and Derick shared a kiss on the lips.

Jill captioned the post: “My forever valentine @derickdillard. He knows the way to my heart…He brought me flowers and made me a steak dinner…& did the dishes!

“And our little Valentines also showered us with homemade cards and treats while they enjoyed their favorite pizza dinner with sparkling grape juice after swim lessons. (I forgot pics).”

Jill continued: “great minds think alike…we both bought each other our favorite coffee.

“If you were able to celebrate Valentines with someone special, what did you do? Or if you don’t celebrate valentines, or couldn’t, what was the highlight of your day yesterday or what did you end up doing?” she added.

Fans and critics alike were quick to comment on the post, with one person wondering: “Is it just me or is that steak burnt af and smothered in way too much A1 sauce.”

Someone else mocked: “Did you eat all the veggies before the photo? lol,” to which another person replied: “yes, I was wondering about the super tiny serving!”

A different Instagram user agreed and said: “same! Was thinking wow is that really all the vegetables people eat at a meal?”

Another person was distracted by the side serving too and said: “That tiny amount of veggies lol looks good though!”

Others noticed how big Jill’s steak was as one fan asked: “did he give you the bigger steak?!”

Another said: “Good grief…is little ole Jilly gonna eat that huge hunk a meat….i mean its bigger than her whole head….you go girl.”

Several other followers were impressed with Jill and Derick’s dinner plates and said the meal looked “amazing.”

Instagram / Jill (Duggar) DillardShe shared a video asking fans about the health of her plant[/caption]

Instagram / Jill (Duggar) DillardJill has been bringing fans inside her home more lately[/caption]

Instagram / Jill (Duggar) DillardShe has received both compliments and backlash over her decor and more[/caption]

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