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Furious Love Island fans slam Islander after she makes cruel comment about another couple

Furious Love Island fans slam Islander after she makes cruel comment about another couple

LOVE Island viewers were furious with Tanya this evening as she questioned Sanam and Kai’s relationship.

The influencer, who is coupled up with Shaq, admitted she was surprised to be in the bottom three as she took at swipe at her fellow Islanders.

Tanya took a swipe at Kai and SanamErotemeKai and Sanam are now the favourites to win the show[/caption]

Chatting to Lana, Tanya said: “It’s not nice to be in the bottom. I feel like I am shocked every time.”

Lana replied: “It’s never going to be easy, especially because you are day ones as well. Will and Jessie were a shock to me as well.”

Tanya continued:  “I just don’t get it anymore. You can’t take it to heart, but it’s crazy to think that me and Shaq and Will and Jessie are in the bottom and Kai and Sanam are not. I am not saying they are less than us but you would think…”

Lana asked her: “Because they are a newer couple?” and she replied: “Yeah.”

Those watching at home were not impressed with her reaction and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person remarked: “Tanya saying it’s crazy to think that her and shaq are in the bottom two but Kai and Sanam are not…maybe it’s because they’re more likeable than you?”

A second said: “Tanya wondering why Sanam and Kai weren’t in the bottom 3 just shows you how delusional she is. Mam they don’t cause drama they just be chill….Stupse.”

While a third added:  “Tanya questioning the fact that they were in the bottom 3 and kai and sanam wasn’t, probably cos you’re a sly sly sly person and shaq is the most two faced person I’ve ever witnessed. Not to mention you and shaq will not last!”

“Tanya u ever think it’s all this bitching that keeps u in the bottom 3 while Kai and sanam stay winning??”, commented a fourth.

Sanam and Kai are the new 13/8 favourites to be Love Island’s winning couple after continuing to impress viewers – overtaking Jessie and Will.

Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom said: “Sanam and Kai have become the new favourites to win Love Island as their popularity continues to grow among fans on social media.

“They have leapfrogged Jessie and Will, who have been the frontrunners to win the £50k cash prize for most of the show. Now, the Aussie and farmer are 13/5 to go all the way, having been 6/4 on Tuesday.

“Other contenders include second-favourites Samie and Tom at 5/2, while Lana and Ron are 3/1.”

ErotemeTanya shared her thoughts with Lana[/caption]

Tanya and Shaq were in the bottom threeRex

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