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Duggar fans slam Amy for modeling $150 jacket for mega retail store and claim star is ‘desperate’

Duggar fans slam Amy for modeling $150 jacket for mega retail store and claim star is ‘desperate’

AMY Duggar has decided to follow a new career path as an apparel model for Walmart’s clothing.

Photos of Amy were discovered on the SparkShop website, a site that contains only Walmart themed products including clothing, accessories, and office items.

Instagram/@amyrachellekingAmy Duggar appears to have tried out a new career as a model[/caption]

SparkShopAmy modeled clothing for Walmart’s store SparkShop that sells Walmart-branded products[/caption]

The Counting On alum was photographed leaning up against a brick wall while smiling at the camera and holding onto her jacket.

She wore a gray shirt with the Walmart logo on the chest and a blue collar around the crew neck.

The star of the ad was the black jacket Amy was sporting. It’s a black puffer jacket with a small yellow Walmart logo embroidered on the arm.

The jacket is called the SparkShop The North Face Women’s Thermoball Trekker Jacket and it retails for $149.98.

Anyone who searches through SparkShop will be able to find other photos of Amy scattered throughout the site.


After the photos of the TLC stars modeling began to circulate on an online thread, critics of the Duggars slammed Amy for taking the job.

One wrote: “Amy being a Walmart model is peak humor.”

Another said: “Like, nothing wrong with the job itself, but she tried so many career paths that didn’t work out it’s like… it’s funny.”

A third said: “Ya’ll smell that… It’s desperation. She reeks of it.”

Someone else wrote: “So, cousin Famy works at Walmart? What happened to her ‘successful’ businesses?!?!”


In the recent past, Amy has been dragged for allowing her three-year-old son Daxton to engage in dangerous situations.

She recently posted a nerve-wracking photo of him climbing on top of furniture.

Daxton can be seen standing on a flimsy grey and black dresser with photos of the star’s wedding behind him.

Fans spotted the danger and said: “I pray that the shelf is secure!! I no longer post any child pictures online because of Duggers.”

Another asked: “But, can that dresser fall over?”

Before this incident, Amy posted a video that showed her stirring vegetables on the stove while her toddler helped.

The child was captured standing on the countertop near the hot stove without any shoes on while simultaneously standing very close to the edge of the counter.

A critic commented: “On one side, an edge with a long drop. On the other side, fire! What could go wrong?”

The Duggar has also been mocked for allowing Daxton to eat food that was on the dirty floor.

The notion of feeding her three-year-old food from the floor turned many fans’ stomachs.

One said: “There is absolutely no floor that is clean enough to eat off of. You’re eating everything you’ve ever walked on.”

SparkShopThe coat Amy modeled has the Walmart logo on the arm and costs about $150[/caption]

Instagram/ amyrachellekingCritics called amy ‘desperate’ and said her modeling was ‘peak humor’[/caption]

Alex Kent for The US SunAmy has been called out in the past for some questionable parenting decisions[/caption]

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