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Today star Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts jets off to mystery location after taking break as her ‘body was screaming’

Today star Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts jets off to mystery location after taking break as her ‘body was screaming’

DEBORAH Roberts has left on another trip after taking a step back from social media.

Al Roker‘s wife posted a video to her Instagram Stories that showed her on a flight to an unknown location.

InstagramDeborah Roberts posted a video while on a flight shortly after she announced she was taking a break[/caption]

InstagramThe star shared the view from her seat, in her second trip of just over a week[/caption]

Deborah, 62, shared a short clip while on a plane.

The video was filmed while she sat on her flight, and focused out of the window.

The plane was heard to be in motion, and the skies looked sunny and bright as Deborah cruised above the clouds.

The ABC anchor didn’t give any further detail –such as the location or purpose of the trip – alongside the quick post.

At the end of February, Deborah shared a similar jet-setting update.

The mother-of-two shared a snap from the airport as the sun set.

She captioned the image: “As Sunday ends…” and followed it with a photo of her luggage which consisted of a bronze carry-on suitcase and a tan leather handbag.

Deborah’s next image was a pile of newspapers and her own folder containing questions, her itinerary, notes, and research, suggesting she was on a work trip.

She then shared a selfie as she sat on the plane grinning from ear to ear and completed her caption, writing: “Is beginning!”


In an Instagram Live last month, Deborah opened up about her decision to take a break for her health.

In the livestream, she openly updated her fans:

“I just thought in an impromptu way that I would just jump on and say hello and say thank you all so very much for your nice messages of support and encouragement that I do a little self-care, which I did.”

She then went on to explain what her break entailed: “And I just also wanted to clarify.

“Because my brother somehow got the impression… that I was like walking away from my life and my career and all of that.

“So he wondered if everything was alright. Everything is all right!”

She then clarified: “What I said is that I was tired and I was taking a long weekend plus a day to kind of check in on myself and to check in on my mental health, my emotional health.

“I was feeling tired.”

She added: “And my sweet hubby Al Roker suggested – or basically told me a couple of weeks ago – that he was sending me for my Valentine’s gift on a little spa getaway.

” So I could just take a breather and just think about myself and to just sort of claim myself again.”


The star also touched on the reasons behind her break.

She said: “As Al and I have talked a lot about his health struggles and just what we all went through over the last few months I think he’s come to realize – and so I have – just how stressed I was, I mean how stressed we all have been.

“When you go through something life-threatening like that it is really really a stressor.

“I mean I came right back to work as he went back to work as he began his recovery, and I just realized I was just really spent.

“And then I started to get sick and I lost my voice and it was perfect timing so I just took a break from social media because I learned sometimes you can just help yourself by stepping back from the busy world.”

InstagramDeborah explained that she needed a break to focus on herself and her health[/caption]

Instagram/Deborah RobertsHusband Al Roker organized a restorative spa break for his wife of 27 years[/caption]

NBC / InstagramDeborah admitted that she didn’t realize ‘just how stressed’ she was after supporting Al through his life-threatening medical issues[/caption]

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