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Teen Mom fans think Chelsea Houska looks ‘unrecognizable’ and claim she got ‘so much’ plastic surgery in new TikTok

Teen Mom fans think Chelsea Houska looks ‘unrecognizable’ and claim she got ‘so much’ plastic surgery in new TikTok

CHELSEA Houska critics believe the Teen Mom has had plastic surgery, claiming she looks “unrecognizable” in a new TikTok video.

The 31-year-old posted a video about perfecting a messy bun.

TikTok/@chelsea_deboerTeen Mom fans think Chelsea Houska looks ‘unrecognizable’ in a new TikTok video[/caption]

TikTok/@chelsea_deboerThe former Teen Mom star demonstrated how to do a messy bun in her video[/caption]

The former MTV star created a duet video of herself explaining how to style her hair.

“Messy bun tutorial. Flip your hair down…” she said while admitting it only works if you “have a bunch of extensions.”

The video on the right shows the reality star with jet-black hair, whereas, on the left, Chelsea’s hair is lighter and straight.

Instead of learning how to replicate her messy bun style, critics were more focused on her face.

In a thread titled: “Chelsea came up on my TikTok fyp, I didn’t even recognize her? she got so much work done,” critics tried to guess why the former Teen Mom star looked different.

“She’s lost a lot of weight in her face,” one speculated, “but it’s definitely more than that, her eye and mouth shape are so different now.”

“I wouldn’t have believed this is her if it weren’t for the double nose piercing,” admitted another.

One critic wrote: “The filter and weird face she’s making are making her look real weird.”

“Is this a lot of Buccal fat removal?” asked another.

“It’s so sad. She was so pretty before she started messing with her face.”

The mom of four has always denied ever getting any actual procedures done, though she has certainly splurged on skincare treatments.


Back in 2016, Chelsea hinted at getting Botox from her dad, who is a dentist, and appeared plenty of times on Teen Mom 2.

Although Botox is often used by dentists to relax the tense muscles that contribute to TMJ, she shared an Instagram picture where her dad was touching her forehead while those around them shined their cell phone flashlights on them.

Cole DeBoer, Chelsea’s husband, was also in the picture and looked horrified as she got injected.

To further confirm what was going on, Chelsea had labeled the picture “Botox party.”

Most recently, fans have noticed that Chelsea looks particularly different, and although many can’t pinpoint what it is, some suspect she has gotten lip fillers.

In recent pictures of the MTV star, she can be seen rocking a fuller pout, especially on her top lip.

During the summer, fans accused her of getting botched lip fillers as her pout looked lumpy – as lip fillers tend to do when they are injected inappropriately.

It’s no secret at this point that Chelsea loves her skincare treatments so she recently got a BroadBand Light procedure and micro peels to help the appearance of her skin.

This face-related BBL focuses on getting rid of any texture and dark spots that a person might have due to aging, sun damage, or acne.

After this procedure – which is usually done in various sessions – the person will have a smoother and clearer complexion.


Meantime, Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer have been busy filming the HGTV show Down Home Fab.

At the beginning of February, HGTV renewed Down Home Fab for its second season.

However, the U.S. Sun exclusively reported that the show’s ratings have plummeted by nearly 200,000 viewers.

Many of the couple’s design choices on the show have come under fire.

Shortly after the first season’s finale aired last month, fans harshly criticized the renovation, taking to Reddit to share their opinions.

InstagramCritics have accused Chelsea of getting ‘too much plastic surgery’[/caption]

GettyThe reality star has admitted to getting botox[/caption]

Chelsea Houska/InstagramChelsea and her husband Cole currently star in HGTV’s ‘Down Home Fab’[/caption]

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