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Teen Mom fans frustrated with Jenelle Evans as they spot concerning detail in new pic after David Eason’s feuds

Teen Mom fans frustrated with Jenelle Evans as they spot concerning detail in new pic after David Eason’s feuds

TEEN Mom fans have slammed Jenelle Evans after spotting something ‘trashy’ in the background of her latest social media post.

Jenelle, 31, took to her Instagram Story over the weekend and posted a selfie with her daughter Ensley and her husband David Eason.

Teen Mom fans have slammed Jenelle Evans after spotting beer bottles in her latest social media postRedditJenelle’s husband David Eason was slammed recently for posting ‘vile’ tweets

In the snap, David is wearing a pair of gloves and Jenelle explained that he was ‘working’ on her Z125 bike.

The couple and their six-year-old daughter appeared to be standing outside by the entrance to their garage and various tools could be seen scattered on the ground.

However, it was a couple of empty Corona bottles in the right-hand corner of the photo that caught people’s attention.

One person decided to reshare the picture on a popular Teen Mom Reddit page and captioned it: “So… smugly Mcsmuggerson already busted one of “her” bikes? What?! No yelp review on the shop yet?!” referring to David.

Others quickly commented on the thread and mentioned the two empty beer bottles.

“Can she take ONE photo without alcohol in the background?” one person asked.

Another joked: “Wouldn’t be a family photo without a couple bottles of Corona in the background,” to which someone else replied: “well.. I didn’t even see that! Thank you!! Guess they are back to buying ‘the good stuff’.”

Someone else mocked: “Corona bottles are like a trashy where’s Waldo game in every single one of her photos,” as another person agreed: “Lmao they really are.”

Another person claimed: “Corona is kind of a “fun” beer. Like you put a lime in there, it’s for hanging out in the back yard. It’s not really a beer it’s more for celebrating. Just… y’know… lies you tell yourself.”

Other Reddit users were just disappointed to see David in the picture full stop.

“David’s eyes are scary. They look souless,” one person suggested, while another wrote: “His hair is just unfortunate.”

The comments come after David was branded ‘vile’ for some ‘harsh’ tweets he posted earlier this week.

David responded to two different Teen Mom alum’s tweets about their family, and his responses were questionable at best.

Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry tweeted: “Family vacation was going to be Mexico again this year because of a wedding. Things have changed. Fave family-friendly locations?”

To which David replied: “It’s time to drop the kids off at their dad’s house. Your weekend visits are over.”

The day before Kailyn’s tweet, Ashley Jones, another Teen Mom, tweeted: “People always say they hope my daughter is nothing like me…S**t me too. She will be 10x better, 10x smarter, and 10x more beautiful.”

This wholesome and sweet tweet was about her five-year-old daughter.

David decided to reply: “-the kid” with a gif that said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” with a photo of the star from the 1985 film Mask.

Mask is about a man who has an extremely rare genetic disorder that causes the face to become enlarged and disfigured, aka this was far from a compliment.

David’s Twitter account is no longer active, and it does not appear that either Teen Mom gave him the satisfaction of a response.


Fans of the franchise were furious when the tweets were posted to Reddit, especially because many fans consider the kids to be off-limits.

One said: “I thought Ashley’s tweet about Holly was so sweet and Holly is such a great kid. David is a piece of s**t. *spits*.”

Another wrote: “Rich coming from a guy who can only have phone contact with his son….”

A third commented: “At first I thought that maybe it was a fake account but I remembered that a few days ago Jenelle was so happy because he was back on Twitter.”

Someone else said: “I can’t imagine being married to a man that bullies women and children on Twitter.”


Back in January, Teen Mom fans were concerned after Jenelle uploaded a VLOG from a recent trip to New Orleans.

The 58-second clip was entitled: “Food and #drink Vlog from #NOLA.”

The mom-of-three’s video begins with her filming herself in front of a full-length mirror as she leans forward and kisses the air.

It then cuts to her sitting in a car and drinking from a huge Starbucks cup as she gets her caffeine fix for the day.

Jenelle then gets going on the liquor and records herself drinking a pineapple mimosa from a glass champagne flute.

She then enjoys a rather large mango daiquiri disposable cup, before moving on to a pint of NOLA local beer.

Confirming exactly what her favorite cocktail is, Jenelle then enjoys another two peach daiquiris as well as a Hurricane, which is a sweet alcoholic drink made with rum.

Jenelle finished the video by showing off some freshly baked bread, which she and David enjoyed with some more beer.

Jenelle’s fans were quick to comment on the Facebook post, as one person wrote: “Girl u seem like ur in a great place and i love it for u…u are one of my favorite ppl on teen mom.”

Another person said: “Enjoy beautiful!” while a third added: “You’re so gorgeous, Jenelle.”


However, one concerned follower asked: “How much do you drink in one day??? Another teen mom tragedy!!”

And over on Reddit, the comments continued as one person shared the video and wrote alongside it: “Imagine being 31, having 2 young children in your care, and going on vacation yet again to drink and take nudie photos to support the family.”

“My ibs is flaring up just watching this,” one person commented, while another claimed: “That’s an excessive amount of alcohol. I’d be asleep under a table if I drank all that.”

A third person observed: “That’s an awful lot of alcohol for someone who allegedly has a ton of GI issues.”

Sort of defending the Teen Mom alum, another Reddit user wrote: “I don’t like Jenelle, but having kids doesn’t mean you can’t take a vacation. On a different note – with her history of addiction, she really shouldn’t be drinking.”

A different person said: “I can’t even imagine the hangover with all those sugary alcoholic drinks. The pineapple mimosa does sound good though.”

It’s no secret that Jenelle has suffered from addiction in the past and has been arrested for heroin and marijuana possession.

At the height of her problem, Jenelle was spending a massive $2,800 a week on drugs.

Many fans have been ‘concerned’ about Jenelle’s drinking in recent months

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