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Live’s Ryan Seacrest calls out crew members in audience for not praising him during his big moment

Live’s Ryan Seacrest calls out crew members in audience for not praising him during his big moment

RYAN Seacrest has called out Live crew members in the audience for not cheering for him.

He and his co-host, Kelly Ripa, played a game called Oscars Countdown Game.

ABCRyan Seacrest has called out crew members on Live for not cheering for him during a game on the show[/caption]

ABCHe asked where the excitement was after he got an answer correct[/caption]

Their DJ, Deja Vu, was the host.

She told them that they would get three pictures of movies and they had to buzz in with which one won Best Picture.

The hosts went back and forth guessing, and it was a pretty even score.

After Kelly and Ryan went back and forth a few times, the crew members grew silent.

They cheered a bit when Kelly would get one right, but when Ryan guessed Dances With Wolves correctly, the studio was silent.

Before moving on to the next one, he shouted: “No excitement from the crowd?!”

The crew then cheered and laughed as Deja moved onto the next set of movies.

In the end, Ryan wound up winning again.


Ryan is not the only one to call out crew members.

Last week, she threw jabs at someone on the crew for talking about his colonoscopy.

The Live hosts had a discussion about Zoom meetings and virtual gatherings.

One of the things, Kelly said of the phenomenon, that employees were noticing with virtual contact was that they were ending up sharing more by way of work portals.

That included life and home appointments as well as doctor’s appointments that would end up being shared inadvertently.

Kelly explained: “What happens is, as everyone’s reading their group email, it pops up that Bob has a colonoscopy at 2.”

“You mean Bob of Disney?” Ryan asked. “Bob of Disney sharing his calendar? The chairman of the company?”

“No, not that Bob,” Kelly said, laughing.

The pair joked about the fictional Bob they were talking about.

“I’m not that deeply involved at the company that I know everyone’s colonoscopies,” Kelly said pointedly.

She continued: “I only know when Gelman’s is coming up because he tells us how much weight he lost after his ‘fast’,” she joked.

The camera panned to producer Michael Gelman, who smiled and shook his head.

“You know, as if we want to know these things,” said Kelly.

She then looked straight at the camera and pointed. “But we have to hear it, damn it, like it or not, and now you do too!”


Kelly and Ryan did call out another crew member on Monday, but this time it was for a good reason.

They welcomed a member of the crew back after he suffered a major health scare.

Stage manager Frank broke down in tears as Kelly and Ryan offered touching words upon his return to the talk show.

At the start of the show, Ryan took a moment to welcome him back.

Kelly and those in the audience all clapped for the returning crew member.

“He had a heart attack…and he’s back, and he’s moving freely and looking great,” the American Idol personality shared of Frank’s recent health scare. “We missed you, buddy!”

The camera moved to show the Live stage manager, who was handed a microphone to give his own updates.

Frank told everyone: “It’s so great to be alive. And to be back. I’ve missed all of you guys so much.

“I love you all so much. Thanks for all your love and support.

“And I’ve been saying it since the day I got out of the emergency room, I feel like George Bailey in real life from It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m so blessed to be here.”

He got choked up as he thanked all of the “amazing” medical staff who took care of him and helped him during this difficult time.

“You’re a good man, we missed you,” Ryan kindly told Frank.

He then began to cry, while the crowd aww’ed as Kelly sweetly told said: “You know what, the problem is when you have a big of a heart as yours, once in a while, it’s going to act up.”

She added that everyone is “so grateful” that he’s “alive and well,” to which he had trouble responding to with a “thank you” as he was all choked up.

ABCThey are playing the game Oscars Countdown Games everyday until the Oscars air[/caption]

ABCLast week, Kelly called out a crew member for sharing too much information with her[/caption]

APThe host also welcomed back a crew member who had suffered a heart attack[/caption]

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