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Jeopardy! fans spot glaring show error about returning champion Stephen Webb that ‘should be fixed’

Jeopardy! fans spot glaring show error about returning champion Stephen Webb that ‘should be fixed’

JEOPARDY! has forgotten to update its website leaving fans cracking jokes across the board.

Ken Jennings is returning on Friday for regular episodes but the game show put a giant question mark where the reigning champion should be.

ABCReigning champion Stephen Webb and host Ken Jennings are returning on Friday[/caption]

ABCJeopardy! hilariously dropped the ball and listed a ‘?’ in Stephen’s place[/caption]

Ken, 48, has been off for the past three weeks while Mayim Bilaik, 47 has hosted the High School Reunion Tournament.

The special has been denounced by some Jeopardy! lovers as just plain “long”, while others are just not sold on Mayim’s hosting style – so plenty of people are relieved it’s concluding this Thursday.

Ken will be back on TV screens the following day; Friday, March 10, to host the normal show.

On the podcast Inside Jeopardy!, producers confirmed: “Reigning champ Stephen Webb will return, along with Ken Jennings on March 10 in syndication.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing if Stephen’s streak can continue!”


However, a Reddit sleuth spotted that Jeopardy.com has mysteriously snubbed the returning champion for Friday’s episode.

Instead of listing Stephen on its “Contestant Zone”, there’s a giant question mark stock image where his face and name would be.

The two new contestants trying to beat him were displayed, but the 3-day winner was nowhere to be found.

The eagle-eyed fan posted: “Confused by the Contestant Zone this week” – referring to the go-to online listing of who is competing next.

“On Friday we have two new contestants, and a question mark for the champ. Isn’t Stephen the champ?” they continued.

“Just very unclear of what is going on here, other than maybe the staff forgetting that we are well aware who the returning champ is? LOL.”

Another Reddit user replied: “Maybe the website has code like ‘if a regular episode, hide the returning champion until 10 pm the night before’ and this case hasn’t been manually dealt with.”

A third wrote: “They probably are just used to not filling in Friday’s champ until Thursday and overlooked it.”

A fourth joked: “Contestants heck, we can’t even predict who the host will be most of the time anymore.”


Jeopardy! has admittedly been a bit opaque about who is hosting week-to-week – while Ken is returning it’s not for long.

The hosting schedule isn’t listed online leading to dutiful Twitter accounts being created to track what’s going on from the show’s podcast.

As the page @IsKenJenningsHostingThis Week most recently posted: “Ken Jennings will return to host Jeopardy! this Fri., 3/10 and will continue through 4/28 for what is expected to be his last hosting stint of the syndicated shows in Season 39.”

The podcast had also announced as much: “Mayim will take over on May 1st and she’ll take us all the way through the summer.”

Fans thanked heavens to have Ken back for the next month and a half but many are not looking forward to Mayim hosting the last fourth months of the season.

One fan replied to the tweet: “YES! So pleased to hear it, my wife and I can begin watching again.”

Another wrote: “Oh dear, much Mayim to endure, which feels like being forced to hang out with front row girl from class.”

And a third: “Not a fan of the shared hosting in general. I find it kind of disruptive.”

One looming and quantifiable issue with Mayim is her cadence; namely, her pause when deeming a contestant correct on nearly every clue.

Mayim’s “…that is correct” pause is driving fans up the wall and they don’t understand if she’s adding suspense or just looking to check her clue sheet for nearly every question.

Ken – who simply lives and breathes all things Jeopardy! as a 74-time champ – will also still be on-air for a bit in Spring hosting the new Jeopardy! Masters spinoff, which will to air in primetime on ABC, exact date TBA.


Meanwhile, it’s not the first time clued-in fans have spotted something wonky on Jeopardy!’s website.

After 13-day champ Ray LaLonde’s terrific winning streak ended, he was added to the 2023 Tournament of Champions tracker in all caps, whereas his fellow contenders were not.

One Twitter user spotted the gaffe and wrote: “The Jeopardy! website REALLY wants to let you know that Ray has made it to the Tournament of Champions.”

Below they shared a screenshot of the contestants from this season who have notched enough victories (four or more) to return for the 2023 winner’s tournament.

While Ray’s future foes had their standings written in lowercase text, Ray’s 13 wins, name, and hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada stood out since it was all in uppercase.

One user replied echoing the intensity: “DO YOU HEAR ME? RAY IS REALLY GOOD!”

A second wrote: “They don’t need to yell at us like that though.” – that snafu has since been updated.

ABCOne fan wrote: ‘The staff forgot that we are well aware who the returning champ is? LOL’[/caption]

ABCNot all fans have enjoyed Mayim Bialik’s 3-week High School Reunion Tournament so many are glad Ken Jennings is returning[/caption]

Jeopardy!Earlier this season the game show jarringly listed champion Ray LaLonde on their website in all-caps[/caption]

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