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GMA’s Rebecca Jarvis suffers awkward blunder live on air during excruciating segment

GMA’s Rebecca Jarvis suffers awkward blunder live on air during excruciating segment

REBECCA Jarvis has suffered an awkward blunder on Good Morning America.

On Tuesday’s show, she talked about how Weight Watchers is in the market to make an obesity drug and stumbled over her words.

ABCRebecca Jarvis made an on-air blunder on GMA, but then corrected herself[/caption]

GettyShe reported on the new obesity medicine that Weight Watchers is working on[/caption]

“This morning, Weight Watchers, the brand best known for trying to help people lose weight through a points system, is making a multi-million dollar bet on the obesity drug business,” Rebecca said in a voiceover.

She went on to say that the company partnered with Sequence, a telehealth program that can allow doctors to give patients popular medicines like Ozempic.

The GMA correspondent went on to talk about the shortages of the drug.

When the b-roll ended, the camera went back to Rebecca in the studio, as she discussed the topic more.

She said that Best Buy struck a deal with Atrium Health, where they will be starting an “at hospital/at home program” with the Geek Squad.

“They go to patients’ homes, set up technology, then it remotely monitors a person’s heartrate, blood okshugen, oxygen levels, and other vitals,” she stumbled over her words.

Rebecca recovered quickly and ended the segment by saying that at home medicine has been an an all-time high since the pandemic.

The GMA star typically fills in for Michael Strahan, or any of the other hosts, when one of them is out.

However, this time, all three main hosts were in, so we was just there to report on extra stories.


Before her blunder on air, Rebecca’s co-host celebrated a major milestone for her last week.

Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer congratulated her on the success of The Dropout.

During a recent GMA segment, Lara took some time to shout out Rebecca.

Lara announced: “We need to mention another big winner this weekend: Rebecca Jarvis.”

She continued: “The show you created and executive produced, The Dropout, won for Best Limited Series at the PGA Awards. Congratulations!”

Rebecca was excited to hear the praise and thanked Lara.

She replied: “I mean, such an incredible team that put The Dropout together at ABC News with Searchlight and Hulu, and of course I missed the actual celebration ’cause it was my daughter’s kid’s birthday this weekend so we rang it in at the kid’s gym.”

Robin chimed in: “Well deserved, however you did it.”

Rebecca thanked everyone for their support.

Later, she also took to Twitter to thank Lara for the congratulatory message.

She wrote: “Thank you so much @LaraSpencer – grateful for you and my @GMA family and The Dropout team!”


Rebecca has become a familiar face on GMA, especially when Michael was out for an extended period of time.

The 41-year-old is the chief business, economics, and technology correspondent for ABC News.

She also is the host, creator, and managing editor of of the weekly show Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.

Aside from The Dropout, the GMA is also the host of the podcast, No Limits With Rebecca JArvis.

Rebecca was also a finalist on season four of The Apprentice.

But, it seems as though she is spending more time with her GMA family and becoming a regular on the show.

ABCThe GMA star said the word ‘oxygen’ weird, but then corrected herself[/caption]

Twitter/@GMARebecca typically fills in at the main desk when Michael Strahan, or any of the main anchors, are out[/caption]

ABCLast week, she also celebrated a big milestone with her podcast, The Dropout, and her co-workers congratulated her[/caption]

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