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GMA’s Ginger Zee compares herself to a famous ’80s cartoon character and fans go wild for the look

GMA’s Ginger Zee compares herself to a famous ’80s cartoon character and fans go wild for the look

GMA’s Ginger Zee has compared her look to Jem from ’80s classic Jem and the Holograms.

The meteorologist, 42, posted a snap to Instagram showing off a pair of star-shaped earrings.

Ginger Zee shared a clip of herself to Instagram wearing star-shaped earringsInstagramShe captioned the video ‘Living my best Jem life’, comparing herself to ’80s cartoon icon JemInstagram

“Living my best Jem life,” Ginger wrote on top of her clip.

She wrote a caption accompanying the video: “Showtime Synergy… @theaudiocreative noted I was giving Jem vibes this morning and I was instantly transported back to the 1980s. #jem #jemandtheholograms #80s #star #earring #80scartoons”

Jem is an ’80s cartoon that starred a blonde protagonist named Jerrica Benton, who transformed into the pink-haired leader of the rock group Jem and the Holograms.

Jerrica relied on the help of a computer named Synergy to help cast the illusion of her Jem persona.

To change her appearance, Jerrica would use the remote micro-projectors in earrings given to her by Synergy and shout “Showtime, Synergy!”

Ginger was summoning some serious Jem energy by wearing similar star-shaped earrings.

Fans were excited for the look and the reference.

One wrote: “Truly Outrageous, Truly Truly Outrageous” in reference to the cartoon’s theme song.

Another wrote “Love your new hairdo!”

A third commented: “We love JEM!!!! And Ginger!”

A fourth fan wrote: “Let’s go Showtime Synergy!!”


Meanwhile, Ginger showed off her fit figure in sexy leather pants on Good Morning America.

The GMA meteorologist, 42, wowed in the studios in teal-colored pants with tie-waist detail on Monday.

Ginger teamed the stylish garment with a high-neck sweater in the same teal hue.

The weather reporter accessorized the chic outfit with a simple necklace.

She styled her hair and new bangs in a straight ‘do and went for minimal makeup.

The TV personality presented a segment on more winter weather set to hit the United States.

Ginger warned viewers of storms moving coast to coast, bringing snow with them.

The TV star debuted her chic, choppy bangs back in January.

As well as receiving lots of compliments, Ginger has also been sent some nasty comments about her fringe, with one person telling her the haircut was “ugly.”

However, Ginger loves to call out the trolls and often replies and rips them on Twitter.

At the beginning of February, one tweeted: “Ginger Zee loose the new hair doo, your a pretty woman but that doesn’t look good at all [sic].”

Choosing not to ignore the negative message, Ginger replied on Twitter and wrote: “Thanks for your opinion Gary.

“The great part about it is I like it and so do lots of other folks.

“And it’s hair. It changes and grows, falls out & grays… it doesn’t define who we are. It also doesn’t change my ability to communicate my science. Have a great day!” she added.

Ginger’s fans were quick to show their support and replied to her tweet.

“Not sure what he said but let me be clear… whatever u decide, your beauty and kindness always shines through!” one person said.

Another wrote: “Don’t listen to Gary! Your bangs are super cute!” and a third commented: “I was inspired by you to cut my own bangs! Yikes! It’s definitely a look… You pull it off beautifully though!”

Someone else added: “Girl, you’re beautiful, period. And what makes you even more beautiful is your kind soul. Trolls will always be trolls, keep doing you!”


Meanwhile, earlier this month, Ginger introduced a new member of the GMA team.

She posted a sweet photo with her new colleague Somara Theodore, telling fans she is “elated” to have the young meteorologist on board.

Her caption read: “I’m forecasting sunshine, rainbows, and all the blizzards & hurricanes in between. So happy to have you.”

Somara has been working as a meteorologist in Washington, DC, and will now be based at GMA’s headquarters in New York City.

Ginger’s earrings looked a lot like the ones Jem protagonist Jerrica Benton would use to transform into the pop starInstagramFans were smitten with her look and comparison to the iconic characterInstagramThey took to the comments to share their thoughts on Ginger’s Jem lookalike clipGetty Imagegs

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