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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Allen Foster reveals wannabe partners ‘had a complete conniption’ over an everyday farming task

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Allen Foster reveals wannabe partners ‘had a complete conniption’ over an everyday farming task

FARMER Wants a Wife’s Allen Foster has shared details about what viewers can expect from the new reality show – including the farming task that sent his wannabe partners into a tizzy.

Ahead of the March 8 premiere of the new unscripted FOX TV show, The U.S. Sun chatted exclusively with the four farmers hoping to find love, including Foster.

Allen Foster is looking for love on the new show Farmer Wants a Wife(c)Pete DaddsA group of 32 women will compete for the four farmers’ hearts(c)Pete DaddsFoster is a cattle rancher from Tennessee(c)Pete Dadds

Foster, a cattle rancher from Tennessee, is one of the four men on Farmer Wants a Wife, along with Hunter Grayson, Ryan Black, and Landon Heaton.

While the farmers have spent years cultivating their careers and honing their lifestyles, the women vying for their hearts all hail from big cities.

The blending of the two worlds resulted in some funny moments for the farmers, who shared highlights from their experience on the show.

“One of the funniest things was they were all excited about having an opportunity to be there and dating a rancher,” Foster, 32, said.

“We go to work some cows, and a couple of them get a little manure on their hands, and you would’ve thought they cut their arm completely off.

“They just had a complete conniption.

“I thought that was pretty funny.

“I don’t know how you plan on being a farmer rancher’s wife if you can’t deal with a little cow manure.

“So it was pretty funny to see those girls react and then kind of get themselves back together and go back to work.”


Grayson, 31, a cattle and horse rancher from Georgia, also revealed funny tales from his experience wooing the women.

“I had one girl, as she was rolling over a bale of hay, get rolled into the bale of hay,” he said.

“We had to fix a fence roll in very muddy conditions, there were some slips and falls and tackles in that.

“It’s gonna be fun to watch,” he said of the show.

But that wasn’t all.

“There was a girl and she needed some Benedryl or something so I said, Do you have any allergies?’,” he recalled.

“She’s like, ‘Well not really, I’m only allergic to dust, hay, and horses,’” he laughed.

“She must’ve just been a glutton for punishment because she was amazing the whole way through.”


Farmer Wants a Wife originally premiered in the UK back in 2001.

The show has since been produced in over 30 countries.

More than 180 marriages and 400 kids have resulted, FOX has said.

A US version briefly aired on the CW in the spring of 2008.

Now, the farmers are looking for love among a group of 32 ladies broken up into groups of eight per farmer.

The show explores whether a city girl can be happy enough to relocate to the country full-time if she finds her dream man.

The groups of eight will be narrowed down to five per farmer after the first episode.

Then, as the weeks go on, the women stay so long as they feel a connection to their farmer.

There are no eliminations, which is in contrast to similar dating shows like The Bachelor.

Instead, some women will drift away while others will lose interest and decide to leave on their own.

The goal is for each farmer to propose to one woman by the end of the season.

Farmer Wants a Wife premieres on March 8 on FOX.

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