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1000-Lb Sisters fans praise Tammy Slaton as she shows off ‘huge difference’ during her weight-loss journey in new photos

1000-Lb Sisters fans praise Tammy Slaton as she shows off ‘huge difference’ during her weight-loss journey in new photos

TAMMY Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has posted new photos that highlight her transformation and had her fans in tears.

Fans of Tammy have been getting very emotional lately as the TLC star comes out of the woodwork to show off her crazy weight loss.

Tammy Slaton/InstagramTammy Slaton, who used to weigh over 700 pounds, posted new photos of her weight loss[/caption]

Instagram/@queentammy86Tammy has lost a lot of weight on her face, and the new selfies she posted show it off[/caption]

The new set of selfies Tammy posted was no exception.

The Slaton sister posted nine different selfies from various angles with different filters and facial expressions on her Instagram.

From what can be seen in the photos, Tammy was enjoying her time outside when she snapped the pics.

This is a truly impressive feat for someone who used to be housebound and couldn’t even walk to her mailbox.

Her messy and curly red hair was pulled back as she sported black frame glasses and a tiny gold necklace of a sun.

While she still needs her oxygen tube, her weight loss is clearly visible in these new photos.


Fans in the comment section of her post were thrilled to see Tammy thriving, although some fans admitted they didn’t believe she could do it.

One said: “I think I speak for everyone when I say WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU.”

Another commented: “Gotta admit Tammy, you proved a whole lot of us wrong. Way to go & keep it up!”

A third said: “Omg Tammy you look amazing! And no more trach! I have cried on every episode this season! You freakin did it, girl! I am so proud of you!”

Someone else chimed in: “We are rooting for you Tammy! You deserve a good life. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.”


In last week’s episode of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy got her weight loss surgery, but her mother Darlene wasn’t present.

Darlene’s apparent lack of compassion for her daughter, and her obsession with her dogs, caused fans of the show to drag her online for her behavior.

All of Tammy’s siblings planned on being at the hospital during the surgery, including her sister Amy Slaton who had recently given birth to her second son.

When Amy went to speak to her mother about coming to the hospital to support Tammy, Darlene shut it down.

While she claimed she was proud of Tammy and would like to be notified of how the surgery went, Darlene wasn’t willing to make the drive to the hospital.

Darlene said: “I can’t go. I can’t leave my babies.” The babies she was referring to are her dogs.

In a confessional, Darlene said: “I’m very sad cause I won’t be able to make it. Hopefully, they don’t call me and say, ‘Hey, you’re daughter died.’”

Instagram/@queentammy86Fans are so thrilled to see how well Tammy is doing that it brings them to tears[/caption]

Southern Indiana Combat ProductionSome fans admitted that they didn’t believe in Tammy, but she proved them wrong[/caption]

TLCTammy’s mother Darlene was not present at her surgery[/caption]

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