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1000-lb Sisters fans beg producers for spin-off show with two of the stars and insist it would be ‘so entertaining’

1000-lb Sisters fans beg producers for spin-off show with two of the stars and insist it would be ‘so entertaining’

VIEWERS of the show 1000-lb Sisters have said they’re on board for a series focusing on more of Tammy and Amy’s siblings.

Fans excitedly discussed the possibility of a spin-off for Amanda Halterman and Chris Combs.

Instagram1000-lb Sisters fans spoke up about their desire to focus on siblings besides Tammy and Amy[/caption]

Amy Halterman/InstagramFans suggested a spin-off helmed by Chris Combs and Amanda Halterman[/caption]

While Tammy and Amy Slaton have been the focal point of 1000-lb Sisters since it started in 2020, people have voiced their interest in seeing others take up the reins.

On Reddit, one fan started a discussion called: “I want a spin-off.”

They continued: “I’m interested in the stories of the other residents at the facility that Tammy is at.

“I’d love to see a whole series featuring the ongoing stories of the different patients in the facility. Am I alone in this? C’mon, TLC… give us a series about that facility!!!”

However, others were more interested in a spin-off focusing on two of the family’s more outspoken siblings.

One person said: “I would rather see a spin-off with their siblings. They just seem more interesting and seem to have some motivation.”

Another agreed: “Definitely! Between Chris and Amanda, I know I’d be entertained!”

A further idea read: “I think we may get a spin-off from the sisters, but more in the way of a soon-to-be single Amy entering the wonderful world of single dating.

“She and Amanda can navigate the online scene, single bars and speed-dating. Guaranteed to be a hoot!”

It seems that a desire for a spin-off putting the Slaton sisters’ siblings in the limelight has been desired by fans for a while.

In a forum from a year ago, one person shared: “I wouldn’t mind Amanda and Chris taking bigger roles on the show.”

“Honestly I think TLC is kinda preparing the ground for that,” theorized another.”

A third fan wrote: “I like Amanda and Chris the best. I would love them to take a bigger role.”

“Amanda and Chris carry this show lol,” a final commenter said.


Chris and Amanda are half-siblings to the main duo.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed last month that the cast of the show, including Amy and Chris, felt they could be making more money if they left their current production network’s contract.

Amanda – who joined the cast during season three – only takes in about $700 a month for her appearances on the show.

Meanwhile, Chris shocked his followers last year after he posted photos of his own dramatic weight loss while he continued to support his sisters on their journeys.

In the first blurry photo posted to Instagram, he wore an oversized red T-shirt and his head was shaved. 

The second image showed off Chris’ recent weight loss.

The TV personality wore a bright blue T-shirt, which was looser on his body, and had let his hair grow out. 

Chris captioned the post: “I would have to say that this has been the hardest but the most rewarding journey I’ve ever done.”

One fan asked: “What’s the time difference between the two pictures?”

Chris replied: “I was 40 pounds from this size when I started the show.”

TLCAmanda became a fan-favorite for being more ‘motivated’ than the main duo[/caption]

Instagram / Chris CombsViewers of the show felt that TLC was laying the groundwork for half-siblings Chris and Amanda to become the stars of the show[/caption]

Instagram / Chris CombsChris also impressed fans with his huge weight loss last year[/caption]

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