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Today’s Savannah Guthrie yells ‘come on!’ as she rants about irritating behavior live on air

Today’s Savannah Guthrie yells ‘come on!’ as she rants about irritating behavior live on air

TODAY host Savannah Guthrie has said she ‘feels seen’ by actor Jamie Lee Curtis having an early bedtime.

The Today anchors gathered around to watch a clip of actor Jamie Lee Curtis, who remarked that she has an early bedtime.

The Today show hosts gathered round to watch an interview clip of Jamie Lee Curtis in which she says she has an early bedtimeNBCHost Savannah Guthrie said she felt ‘seen’ after hearing the actor’s opinionNBC

“There’s nothing good for me after 9-o’clock,” Jamie Lee said in a recent interview clip that the hosts played during the show.

“Same, girl, same!” Savannah Guthrie called after the clip ended.

“Jamie Lee Curtis, we salute you!” said Carson Daly.

“Oh my gosh, you know what? I feel seen,” Savannah said. “Someone tells me something starts at 7:30…” she trailed off before Carson chimed in to joke.

“I mean, I’ve gotta have my tea!” Carson joked.

Savannah laughed as she added: “I’m like, are we at a club in Ibiza, starts at 7:30 PM? Come on!”

The hosts continued laughing, echoing Jamie Lee Curtis’s thoughts on going to bed early and not staying out all night.


Meanwhile, Savannah fought back tears as Hoda Kotb revealed her daughter Hope was in the ICU.

The Today star’s voice cracked and she held Hoda‘s hand as her co-star revealed how “grateful” she was that her three-year-old was recovering.

Hoda, 58, returned to the morning show on Monday after taking several weeks off while Hope was unwell.

Savannah, 51, introduced her co-host’s return to viewers, saying: “Hoda it is nice to have you right back where you belong.

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks, you’ve been dealing with a health issue with your little daughter.”

Hoda explained: “My youngest daughter Hope was in the ICU for a few days and in the hospital for a little more than a week and I’m so grateful she’s home.

“She is back home and I’ve been waiting for that day to come and we are watching her closely.

“I realize when your child is ill, the amount of gratitude you can have for people who helped you out.”

Looking tearful, she went on: “I’m grateful for the doctors at Weill Cornell who are amazing and the nurses.”

Hoda turned to Savannah and said: “I’m grateful to my family and friends like you who were there every single day.”

Savannah, who looked equally emotional, reached out and grabbed Hoda’s hand as she turned to her.

Hoda told her: “So I want to say thank you for that. I love you. Thank you.”

Savannah replied shakily: “I love you too.

“You have a lot of friends out there who are right there with you, lifting you up and Hope too.”

Hoda nodded and struggled to contain her tears, saying: “Thank you. Okay.”

Letting go of her friend’s hand, Savannah said: “Let’s do it. You ready?”

Her co-host nodded firmly and said, “Yup, ready,” and Savannah launched into a news segment.

Monday was also Savannah’s first day back at the anchor seat since leaving early last week after testing positive for COVID.


Savannah previously was down feeling ill after leaving the Today show abruptly.

She hosted for the first half-hour, but then mysteriously disappeared, leaving fans wondering where she’d gone.

Sheinelle Jones sat with Savannah at the desk, as Hoda Kotb remains out.

When the host left, Al Roker stepped in at the desk for a short time.

Fans were left confused; however, Sheinelle explained what happened with Savannah.

She stood next to Al and Carson Daly in front of Dierks Bentley‘s instruments, who played on the show that day, and let viewers know that Savannah has Covid-19.

“It has been an interesting morning for us. As we said, Savannah left early,” Sheinelle explained.

“She wasn’t feeling great, so she took a COVID test. It came back positive. So, of course, as soon as we found out, she rushed home to rest up.”

She ended by blowing a kiss and said: “So, Savannah, we love you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

Savannah has since started feeling better as she returned to the morning show right as rain.

Savannah and the rest of the team cracked jokes about going to bed earlyNBCCarson Daly joined in on the fun as well, remarking he had to ‘have his tea’NBCIt’s safe to say the entire staff appreciated what Jamie Lee Curtis had to sayNBC

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