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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg struggles to get through script as she keeps going off-topic in strange live moment

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg struggles to get through script as she keeps going off-topic in strange live moment

WHOOPI Goldberg has struggled through her script in a strange moment caught on live TV.

The View star has encountered a fair share of on-screen blunders in recent episodes.

ABCWhoopi opened a discussion about a woman dating a much older man[/caption]

ABCShe was unable to control her laughter and deliver her lines[/caption]

Now Whoopi, 67, has continued with her script struggles in a new segment on Thursday.

The TV personality opened up a conversation with the other show panelists about “age differences” in relationships.

The comedian explained how “one mom wrote into the Washinton Post advice column” because she’s “infuriated” that her “20-year-old” stepdaughter started dating a “59-year-old coworker.”

But Whoopi was unable to keep a straight face during the segment, breaking into laughter every few seconds.

“What would you tell her?” the Sister Act star asked, chuckling uncontrollably.

“Well I’d tell her, mind her business!” she claimed.

Whoopi then attempted to tell a story of her own past with dating, saying: “I dated a man who was born….I was born….I dated him….but he graduated the year I was born,” stumbling over her words.

Joy Behar then chimed in: “From where? From high school?”

Her co-star shot back: “From college….From high school!” she corrected.

The other panel hosts took over the conversation as Whoopi struggled to get through her lines.


This wasn’t the first time the actress had experienced on-screen complications, and also last week she said her “heart was palpitating” in a strange moment caught on camera.

During Monday’s show, the panel discussed if people who are running for president should sign a loyalty pledge to their party or not.

The women had differing opinions but kept the conversation civil.

After most of the panel spoke up, Whoopi expressed her point.

“I don’t want anybody to have to prove their loyalty,” she said.

“You either are or you’re not. And your voting will let me know where you stand.”

Whoopi continued: “If you get behind me. If I’m the-.”

She clutched her heart and chuckled.

“I don’t want to say something. My heart is palpitating,” he joked.

“But, if I’m the Republican nominee and you’re not a fan, you’re going to talk up somebody else. That’s how it works,” she finished.


Whoopi returned to the View that same day after being out for a week, due to having the flu.

She blamed one of her co-hosts for “getting her sick” in an awkward live moment.

There were five chairs at the desk again, as Whoopi was back on the panel.

As the group of women sat down, she started off the show with a greeting.

“Well, hello. Welcome to The View. It’s nice to be back,” the 67-year-old said.

“It’s nice to have you back,” Ana Navarro said off-screen.

“Yes, it’s nice to have you back,” Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in.

Sara Haines drank whatever was in her cup and said: “We missed you.”

Whoopi then snapped back at her: “Well, I don’t know if I’m talking to you.”

Sara put her mug down and nearly spit out her water as the moderator laughed.

“Are we blaming me?” Sara asked as she reached a hand over to touch Whoopi’s arm.

“Well, no. You know,” Whoopi said.

Sunny Hostin spoke up and said: “Well, you did have that weird cold.”

“I did have a cough,” Sara said.

“And a little cold,” Whoopi interjected.

“And when you were gone, Ryan goes, ‘thanks, Whoopi’s out,’” Sara continued.

Whoopi then went on to say that people still need to be careful about wearing masks because the flu “flew right in.”

She added that if she got it from anybody, she was glad she got it from Sara.

ABCWhoopi is known for her on-screen blunders[/caption]

ABCShe shocked fans last week when she claimed to have ‘heart palpitations’[/caption]

ABCWhoopi returned to The View after struggling with the flu[/caption]

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