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The View’s Ana Navarro blasts ‘leave them alone!’ in passionate rant during heated live discussion

The View’s Ana Navarro blasts ‘leave them alone!’ in passionate rant during heated live discussion

THE View host Ana Navarro has gone on an angry tirade about a conservative’s comments regarding trans people.

The View panelists discussed comments by Daily Wire host Michael Knowles on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Host Ana Navarro was fired up as she discussed comments from Daily Wire host Michael KnowlesABCShe launched into a rant about her thoughts on the views expressed during Michael’s appearance at CPACABC

The speaker had called for the “eradication of transgenderism” at the time.

The View hosts did not take kindly to this messaging, particularly Ana Navarro.

“I think we have a clip so you can hear his words, so he can’t sue me!” Ana said angrily before showing the video.

Ana continued: “This is, you know, now the train they’re on. Let’s go after transgender people. Let’s go after LGBTQ. And it’s going to wind up getting somebody hurt.”

She wildly gestured with her hands before continuing.

“And it needs to stop. Listen, if you’re against your children going to a drag show, don’t take them to a drag show. No 5-year-old can drive themselves.”

The audience cheered with Ana as she lined out her thoughts on the matter.

She said: “And the number one cause of death in children is firearms. So if you really are concerned about children and their security, pass some common sense gun reform and leave the drag queens the hell alone!”

She finished her rant to thunderous applause from the studio audience.


Meanwhile, Joy Behar was left bewildered after her co-host Ana Navarro asked a producer a question during the live broadcast.

The View fans have witnessed the long-time host getting snappy with her colleagues in recent weeks.

During Friday’s episode of The View, Joy, 80, and the other panelists listened as Ana discussed attending an upcoming Indian wedding.

Ana explained: “I love weddings because everybody’s happy and romantic.”

The political strategist continued: “I’m going to my first Indian wedding. I’ve never been to one and I hear they are extravagant.”

Before she could elaborate any further, her co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, squeezed in a recommendation.

She stated: “If they request that you dress in traditional Indian garb, there’s a rental place I can tell you about because they’re very expensive.”

Piggybacking off the ongoing conversation, Joy mentioned: “Ana brings up a good point, she doesn’t know if it’s cultural appropriation to wear a sari to an Indian wedding.”

“Not if they request it,” chimed Sunny.

Addressing her question to the studio audience, and also strangely one of the show’s producers, Ana asked: “How do we feel? If I wear a sari is it cultural appropriation, Brian?”

Sara Haines, 45, was the first of her co-hosts to question Ana, as she asked: “Why are you asking Brian?”

Puzzled, Joy quickly jumped on the 51-year-old’s case as well, as she questioned: “What are you asking him for?”

A confused Brian ended the interrogation as he waved off the inquiry and clearly stated: “Moving on.”


In the same episode, Joy rolled her eyes and snapped out in frustration at Ana in a tense on-camera moment.

The hosts spoke to Gail Simmons, star of Top Chef, ahead of the show’s upcoming 20th season filmed in London.

The TV stars discussed the food judge’s exciting travel schedule to several European cities, though Joy attempted to wrap up the conversation and head to a commercial break.

But she was loudly interrupted by Ana who said: “By the way, I want you to invite me when you go to Spain.”

Gail replied: “I’m in,” as the two ladies continued to discuss their future plans.

Joy then turned to the producers to roll her eyes, shook her head, and gestured with frustration toward Ana.

“We gotta go!” she snapped fiercely at the panel, as several replied: “I know, I’m sorry.”


Joy checked her co-hosts Ana, Sunny, and Alyssa Farah Griffin, 33, after their debate about the royal family turned into bickering.

Things got heated between Ana and Sunny when the co-anchors began conversing about Prince Harry, his memoir Spare, and his recent eviction from Frogmore Cottage by King Charles.

Ana expressed that Harry might “regret” his decision to spotlight his family issues publicly, given that he only has one sibling and one parent left.

“It makes me very sad because Harry only has one brother, and he’s now…lost his brother,” Ana said.

“He only has one parent left and he’s now basically lost that parent…I hope that in the long term, they figure it out because once they’re gone I think there is gonna be a lot of regret.”

Taking up for Harry, Sunny chimed in: “We don’t get to choose our families though…”

She then implied that Harry could survive on his own as an only child since she was an only child and felt “fine.”

The last part of Sunny’s statement caught Ana’s attention, prompting her to call it out.

They began to have a sideline argument as Alyssa tried to hop into the conversation by talking over them, which caused Joy to intervene.

“One conversation please,” Joy said to Ana and Sunny, allowing Alyssa to take the floor, which the newest panelist thanked her for doing.

Ana adamantly said that children can’t drive themselves to drag shows and to leave drag queens aloneABCShe suggested focusing on gun control insteadABCThe audience was thrilled with Ana’s points and roared with applauseABC

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