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Love Island’s Tom slammed as ‘vile bully’ after ‘weird’ comment about sex

Love Island’s Tom slammed as ‘vile bully’ after ‘weird’ comment about sex

LOVE Island’s Tom has been slammed as a “vile bully” after made an inappropriate sex comment about Lana and Ron.

The professional footballer, 23, and Sami Elishi, 22, are among some of the Islanders who have questioned whether Ron is playing a game.

ITVViewers have slammed Tom for as a ‘vile bully’ after a rude sex comment[/caption]

Tom made an inappropriate remark about Ron and Lana’s sex lifeITV

It came after he Ron told Sanam, Kai, Tom and Samie that he and Lana were now “cruising” after getting their drama out of the way early.

During last night’s episode, many of the Islanders began to speculate whether Ron had let slip his game plan.

Tom, Will, Casey and Jessie were discussing Ron’s reaction to their latest challenge A Couple of Sorts.

Whispering about Ron, Tom said: “The sexual chemistry…I just can’t imagine them having sex, I don’t know why.

“I just see them sat on the bean bags or sat up here.

“I never see them kissing,” to which Will echoed: “I’ve never seen them snog.”

Viewers were horrified by the “disgusting” comment and suggested if the other couples were happy in their relationship then they wouldn’t be making digs at Ron and Lana.

One furious fan wrote: “I thought he said Lana was like his sister as well.

“Don’t know about everyone else but I wouldn’t even be trying to imagine my sister having sex with someone.

“Such a weirdo comment from a very boring man. And I’m not being funny why are these islanders acting as if Lana are Ron hate each other?

“We literally see them together attached at the hip. Almost like Lana is being shamed for not being overly sexual, it’s actually disgusting.”

Another posted: “They are threatened because Ron and Lana have both been there from the start and are solid. Similar to how everyone voted for Davide and Ekin-Su as the least compatible couple in season eight.”

Another angry viewer said: “I don’t think Ron and Lana have this intense chemistry that is palpable through the screen with that being said Tom’s comment p***** me off because he has a habit of making rude comments about people’s sexuality.

“Ron and Lana don’t need to perform their sexuality for their fellow Islanders or for viewers.

“There are plenty of couples and cultures where PDA and sexual contact happen only behind closed doors.

“Not everyone is excited to be intimate in a communal living space with millions watching your every move. It is insane that women are ripped to shreds for being too sexual and not sexual enough on this show.”

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