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Love Island in new bullying row as furious fans accuse villa of ganging up on islander

Love Island in new bullying row as furious fans accuse villa of ganging up on islander

LOVE Island has been plummeted into a new bullying row after furious fans accused the villa of ganging up on an Islander.

Fans jumped to Ron’s defence after he was accused of game playing recently by his fellow Islanders.

ErotemeLove Island fans say Ron is being ‘bullied’ by his fellow Islanders[/caption]

ErotemeRon was accused of being ‘fake’ and stirring the pot between Rosie and Casey[/caption]

ErotemeRosie had gone to Lana and Ron for advice[/caption]

He was also embroiled in a feud with Casey after Rosie went to Ron and Lana for advice, worried Casey might not be interested in her anymore.

Ron told the bombshell Casey “enjoys being one of the three musketeers”, meaning he may prefer hanging with the boys more than spending time with her.

Following this, Rosie told Casey what Ron said, raising tensions throughout the villa.

Casey then pulled Ron for a chat to find out exactly what was said.

An annoyed Casey said “Rosie’s told me that you’ve basically said to Rosie that I prioritise my time in here with the boys and not her.”

Trying to clear up any misunderstanding, Ron explained that the word “prioritise” wasn’t the word that he used.

It’s safe to say Ron hasn’t had the easiest time in the villa as a result, and fans have now called out Ron’s co-stars for their “bullying” behaviour.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “This is the lamest episode of Love Island this season. A bunch of men gossiping like women and a bunch of bullying for no reason. Ron didn’t say nothing wrong to that chick.”

Another added: “Mind you these are the same ppl who were crying last week bc ppl weren’t minding their own business & talking behind each other’s back & they were flipping out at ppl calling jessie fake yet they are all hypocrites bc they are all doing that rn to ron. it’s bullying.”

A third said: “na i can’t believe they’re bullying ron like this,” and a fourth penned: “Rosie took it out of context and somehow made it Ron’s fault? Like leave the boy alone!!! This is pure bullying and isolating!!!”

ErotemeRosie told Casey what Ron said, raising tensions throughout the villa[/caption]

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