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Love Island fans all say the same about unusual moment during talent contest – did you spot it?

Love Island fans all say the same about unusual moment during talent contest – did you spot it?

LOVE Island fans tonight all said the same about an unusual moment during the annual talent contest – but did you spot it?

In the latest episode, the Islanders had to all show off their special skills, but something else caught the eye of viewers at home.

The Islanders got soaking wet as they watched the Love Island talent showRexITVThe rain really poured during Tom’s act[/caption]

ITVBut instead of heading back into the villa, the Islanders just sat getting wet[/caption]

But while they all performed their hidden talent – or lack of it, in some cases – the weather took a turn.

It started raining slightly halfway through the Love Island talent contest, but by the time Tom, 23, took to the stage at the end, it was full on pouring it down.

But what made it so unusual, was that none of the Islanders mentioned the downpour.

Instead they just sat there getting soaking wet, instead of heading into the warm and dry villa.

This bizarre moment didn’t go unnoticed by viewers watching at home.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “I can’t believe they’re forcing them to carry on with the rain.”

While another said: “I can’t believe they made them sit out in the rain!”

This one chimed in: “Imagine staying in the rain that long that’s torture.”

Another one joked: “Being forced to sit in the rain to finish the talent show because the producers said so I’m sorry I’d be running inside byeeeeee!”

Meanwhile, earlier in tonight’s show things took a tense turn.

It came after viewers accused Samie of gaslighting Ron.

Fans vowed to call Ofcom as Ron was targeted by the Islanders amid claims he had a game plan.

Ron decided to pull Samie for a chat after she told all the others that he was game playing, but she refused to back down.

Taking to Twitter to discuss the uncomfortable viewing, one person wrote: “I’m sorry but it was sammi who started the rumour and planted a seed in others head. I like the girl but she’s gaslighting.”

A second said: “She is gaslighting & manipulating Ron over & over again.”

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