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Kim Kardashian ripped for ’embarrassing’ her children with new TikTok that screams ‘midlife crisis’

Kim Kardashian ripped for ’embarrassing’ her children with new TikTok that screams ‘midlife crisis’

KIM Kardashian has posted a new video FaceTiming with her Hollywood friend Lala Anthony.

The Kardashian star’s fans think Kim posting the TikTok of her rapping in a bathrobe and sunglasses while on the call is “embarrassing” for her kids amid her “midlife crisis.”

TikTok / Kim KardashianKim Kardashian’s fans think she is ’embarrassing’ her children with a ‘midlife crisis’[/caption]

TikTok / Kim KardashianKim posted on her daughter North’s TikTok account with a video of her lip-synching on a FaceTime call with Lala Anthony[/caption]

Kim, 42, rapped the words to In Ha Mood by Ice Spice with Lala, 40, and shared the results to TikTok.

She wore huge sunglasses and a chic skin-toned bathrobe.

Lala also wore a fuzzy bathrobe for her FaceTime call with her Kardashian bestie.

Kim appeared to be taping the TikTok in her daughters’ room, as the walls were lined with CareBears and toys.

Although Kim and Lala appeared to be having a blast sassily lip-synching for the camera, fans had a different opinion.

Since Kim disables comments on the account she shares with her daughter North, nine, several fans took to online threads to express their frustration.


One fan criticized: “When north is 16 or 17 she’s gonna be like, ‘Why did you let millions of people worldwide have access to my cringy-est preteen moments?’ to her mom.

“At first I thought the TikTok was cute and no big deal, but it’s honestly gotten out of hand.”

The angry fan concluded: “It should be private – I should not be seeing this much of her.”

Another agreed and added: “At this point, I don’t think North will be concerned with her own videos as much as her moms.

“They’re way more embarrassing.”

A third fan shared: “She’s trying so hard to be relatable to Gen Z, and all she is doing is embarrassing herself and her family.”

Yet a fourth exclaimed: “It’s so cringe, yikes!”

Another simply declared: “Midlife crisis.”

A final fan stated: “This is so embarrassing.”


Fans have also been chiming in to criticize Kim’s decision to expose her children to so many celebrities – including Ice Spice coming over to her $60M mansion just to entertain her kids.

Even though the Bikini Bottom artist appeared to be having a good time with North and the pre-teen’s friends, fans had a harsh outlook on the interaction.

North shared clips of their hangout on Twitter, where one fan commented: “I like Ice Spice and I don’t think it matters that North knows her songs, but I do think it’s very weird that Kim just rented her out for a day.”

A second fan questioned: “Why does Kim have her nine-year-old hanging out [with] Ice Spice… that is a grown woman.”

Yet a third Tweeted: “Something about Kim buying Ice Spice for North just doesn’t sit right with my black soul.”

A fourth person stated: “Say what y’all wanna interpret, but Kim is not the best mom mother for hiring Ice Spice as a babysitter.”


Last month, fans were shocked when Kim uploaded a TikTok video featuring the A-list singer Mariah Carey.

The video begins with North dancing and lip-synching with Monroe, Mariah’s 11-year-old daughter, to the artist’s song It’s A Wrap.

As the preteens showed off their moves, Kim and Mariah herself moved into the frame from each side with microphones in their hands as they sang along too.

Instagram/Kim KardashianFans were concerned North will grow up to regret her mom posting so frequently on her account[/caption]

TikTok / Kim KardashianFans continued to slam the video as ‘cringe’ and for ‘getting out of hand’[/caption]

GettyKim was also slammed for inviting rapper Ice Spice over to ‘entertain’ North[/caption]

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