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Kardashian fans mock Kim after spotting major beauty blunder in new selfie with rapper Ice Spice

Kardashian fans mock Kim after spotting major beauty blunder in new selfie with rapper Ice Spice

KIM Kardashian has been dragged through the mud by fans after spotting her beauty blunder.

The Kardashians star recently took a selfie with rapper Ice Spice.

Ice Spice/InstagramIce Spice and Kim Kardashian took a selfie together over the weekend[/caption]

HuluFans noticed Kim’s eyebrows ‘looked darker than usual’[/caption]

In an online thread, critics noticed Kim’s eyebrows looked “atrocious from bad microblading” in the selfie.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that uses a needle to give well-defined and natural-looking eyebrows.

One critic said: “Why do Kim’s eyebrows look like they were sharpied on?”

Another added: “I was also thinking how atrocious her eyebrows looked.”

“Did Kim dye her eyebrows? They look darker than usual. It’s horrible!:” one user reacted.

A fourth person wrote: “Her brows are so bad here!”

“Every time I see Kim’s eyebrows, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I can’t explain it,” a critic added.

This is not the first time fans pointed out something amiss with Kim’s eyebrows.

In the second season clip from her family show, the Hulu star addressed the camera directly during one of her confessionals.

Fans speculated plastic surgery was the reason behind Kim’s “frozen” face.


Followers theorized why “the eyebrows don’t move, like at all, and what’s up with the skin above her left eye.”

One follower suggested: “I bet 100$ she can’t move her eyebrows.”

Another follower claimed: “She can’t. That’s why her eyelid is wrinkling. 

“It’s making up for the frozen brow when she’s trying to frown.”

Eagle-eyed fans claimed her face has totally transformed through the years, but Kim has asserted that she has never gotten plastic surgery.


Ice Spice appeared with Kim’s daughter North West in her latest TikTok videos.

During the music videos, Ice Spice danced with her young fan to the remix of In Ha Mood.

In the following clip, North and her music idol mimicked the lyrics to Boy’s A Liar Part 2.

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Kim Kardashian has been married three times and is mother to four children. She launched her first cosmetics line KKW Beauty in 2017, followed by a fragrance line. Then, in 2019, Kim launched her shapewear brand SKIMS.

Unfortunately, fans slammed the TV personality for flaunting her wealth and requesting the Bikini Bottom artist to play with her nine-year-old girl.

One person argued: “I like Ice Spice and I don’t think it matters that North knows her songs, but I do think it’s very weird that Kim just rented her out for a day.”

Another person agreed and pointed out: “The Kardashians paying celebrities to show up to their and entertain their children like party clowns are so crazy to me.”

Kim and her ex-Kanye West share three other children: Saint, seven; Chicago, five; and Psalm, three.

HULUFans previously claimed Kim’s eyebrows ‘did not move’ during her confessional on The Kardashians[/caption]

Kim Kardashian/InstagramKim had Ice Spice hang out with her daughter North West[/caption]

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