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Kourtney Kardashian shows off her new platinum blonde hair in sexy photos – and fans are all saying the same thing

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her new platinum blonde hair in sexy photos – and fans are all saying the same thing

KOURTNEY Kardashian has shared new pics of her dramatic hair change, and her fans have a lot to say.

The Hulu star posted photos to Instagram showing off her new blonde look in an eye-catching leather outfit, and fans immediately compared her to Kim.

InstagramKourtney Kardashian officially unveiled her shocking new hair transformation[/caption]

InstagramThe star wore a bold all-leather look for her Instagram photoshoot[/caption]

Kourtney, 43, shared three new snaps to Instagram that showed off her fresh look properly.

Fans began speculating that she had gone blonde after her husband Travis Barker posted a video of Kourtney during the aftermath of his successful finger surgery.

For the new carousel of images, Kourtney wore a sexy leather look.

The eldest Kardashian sister matched a tight black corset with snakeskin trousers and a metal belt.

In this pics, she let her leather, faux fur-lined coat slip off her shoulders.

The star finished her look with a silver necklace and neutral but glamorous makeup.

Most attention, however, was caught by her hair.

Not only was her naturally dark brown hair bleached, but it had been cut into a short, sharp bob.

On Reddit, fans were quick to share their opinions.

Many said that they were surprised to find that they liked the look, and couldn’t help but say that they thought Kourtney rocked blonde hair better than her younger sister Kim.

One person said: “Ok I actually thought it was going to look terrible but I like it! Especially with the short cut.”

“Same it really suits her!! A lot better on Kourtney than Kim,” added another.

One less keen fan wrote: “She’s pulling off bottle blonde better than Kim did, but I’m still just “why?!?!” Her dark hair was so perfect, why mess with it?”

A further reply agreed: “Not great but so much better than Kim’s.”


Some fans also pointed out how Kourtney left her body unedited where her corset had pushed her breasts under her armpit.

A Redditor queried: “This is genuinely not body snarking… but what is going on near her armpit?”

One response read: “It just looks like the tight corset is causing her to spill out, all very normal plus it’s always refreshing with her pictures that she doesn’t edit these things out.”

Another person celebrated: “Aside from the hair I appreciate the boob/armpit spillage not being edited out! Kim would neevvverrr!”


Mother-of-three Kourtney is known for leaving more of her pics unedited in comparison to other members of her family.

The businesswoman was recently praised for showing off her “tummy rolls” in a series of swimsuit pics.

One person shared: “I love how the other sisters have this constant drama (some good, some bad) going on and then, every now and then Kourtney pops up with some relatively normal a*s shit like this.

“She’s like a nice breather from the restlessness of everyone else around her. Also, the tummy rolls in the last pic is beautiful,” they added.

Kourtney also clapped back at pregnancy speculation after she posted a Lemme ad that showed her looking a bit larger than usual.

She replied to a comment asking if she was expecting by explaining: “the after affects [sic] of IVF.”

She continued: “I only acknowledge this comment bc I do think it’s important to know how IVF affects women’s bodies and it’s not spoken about as much.”

GettyYounger sister Kim also dyed her hair blonde last year, but fans weren’t as keen on the look[/caption]

GettyWhile online comments said Kourtney suited platinum better than Kim did, many still missed her naturally dark hair[/caption]

Instagram/@kourtneykardashKourt’s fans also noticed an unedited armpit bulge in her pics, shortly after she was praised for leaving ‘tummy rolls’ in her fun poolside shoot[/caption]

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