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Joy Behar snaps ‘I did not say that!’ at View co-host and insists she ‘be quiet’ in awkward live moment

Joy Behar snaps ‘I did not say that!’ at View co-host and insists she ‘be quiet’ in awkward live moment

THE View’s Joy Behar has snapped at her co-host during an awkward live TV moment.

The moment occurred as the panel discussed the envy felt toward single people from married couples with children.

ABCJoy Behar snapped ‘I did not say that!’ at her co-host during an awkward live TV moment[/caption]

ABCThe moment occurred after Joy forgot that Sara Haines’ pet dogs had passed away[/caption]

Sara Haines was the first of The View hosts to share her thoughts on the subject as she admitted that she feels envious “all the time.”

Joy, 80, asked: “Who are you jealous of right now?” to which The Chase host replied: “Everyone who can just make a plan without four weeks of prep.”

She continued: “I hate carrying and having to think of everything a child might need, and they’re adorable, but I’d really rather just walk out with just my phone.”

The 45-year-old then added: “When you go out and you have maybe one extra glass of wine and you’re like ‘I’ll sleep it off,’ there’s no sleeping it off [kids] wake up the same every freaking day.”

The comedian and longtime View host responded: “If you have a dog you have to get up and walk the dog.”

Sara quipped back: “My Chihuahuas had better bladder control than my kids.”

A surprised Joy then questioned: “You actually have Chihuahuas and three children?”

Obviously insulted, Sara answered: “No, I had Chihuahuas, they passed. You were here for both of their passing!”

Joy attempted to save face as she replied: “I always block bad things like that.”

Sara then took her jab a step too far as she joked: “I had a balloon at my birthday and you go ‘oh is that the dead one?’”

Both the audience and fellow The View hosts collectively gasped at the remark, causing Joy to snap: “I did not say that!”

As Sara attempted to recover from her bad joke, Joy shut her down as she ordered: “Oh, be quiet.”


During another recent episode of The View, Joy rolled her eyes and snapped out in frustration at her co-host Ana Navarro, 51, in a tense on-camera moment.

Joy has become increasingly short-tempered with her castmates.

The hosts spoke to Gail Simmons, star of Top Chef, ahead of the show’s upcoming 20th season filmed in London.

The stars discussed the food judge’s exciting travel schedule to several European cities, though Joy attempted to wrap up the conversation and head to a commercial break.

But she was loudly interrupted by Ana who said: “By the way, I want you to invite me when you go to Spain.”

Gail replied: “I’m in,” as the two ladies continued to discuss their future plans.

Joy then turned to the producers to roll her eyes, shook her head, and gestured with frustration toward Ana.

“We gotta go!” she snapped fiercely at the panel, as several replied: “I know, I’m sorry.”


The comic has been involved in her fair share of on-screen quarrels with her castmates in recent months, including long-timer Whoopi Goldberg, 67.

During Thursday’s episode, Joy asked the actress who she was talking about after she broke out into a rant about wokeness.

Whoopi had been discussing her thoughts on those who use the word “woke” in a pejorative manner.

She stated: “This idea of woke, I’m gonna say it again, most of y’all were asleep.”

Joy interrupted before Whoopi could continue, asking: “Who do you think you’re speaking to?”

Whoopi replied: “I’m talking to all those folks who use that word ‘woke’ all the time.”

Joy nodded to signify she understood.

Whoopi kept going: “We were never asleep. Y’all were asleep! We had to stay awake, watching you. “

Gesturing wildly, she continued: “So you woke up, and you thought, ‘Oh my God, there’s a lot of women running amok and doing things they’re not supposed to be doing! And drag queens everywhere! And oh my God, people of color!’

“You always talk about the snowflakes? Look in the mirror! Y’all can’t seem to handle anything.”

Whoopi elaborated further on how many people’s idea of discussion is to “get rid of everything.”

She demanded at the end of her tirade: “Stop calling us snowflakes!”

ABCSara was told to ‘be quiet’ as she attempted to recover from her off-color remark toward Joy[/caption]

ABCJoy previously rolled her eyes and snapped ‘we gotta go!’ at Ana Navarro after the chatty co-host refused to cut for a commercial break[/caption]

ABCJoy has seemed to be increasingly short-tempered with her castmates[/caption]

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